Top 13 Most Asked Questions About Google AdSense

Today I will tell you About mostly asked Questions about Google Adsense. Each and every day people Joining Adsense and there are few questions which came to the mind of every newbie. Sometimes its difficult to get these answers but today I will explain it in simple words. I Hope it will help.

Top 13 Most Asked Questions About Google AdSense

The first thing to Know What is Google Adsense? 

Google AdSense is a latest Google program that features to enable the enterprises to display Google advertisements on Web sites. Google AdSense enable the people to earn revenue from the hits that lead to creating traffic for the Google Search engines.

Google AdSense holds an innovative broad capacity to represent businesses of all the variable sizes worldwide in the diverse multiple languages. AdSense is considered to be a refinement and throughout the expansion of the concept behind banner-ad sharing arrangements that have been prevalent in use in the past years.

Google can be able to display ads on a lot of multiple available websites. The basic success secret behind AdSense is its entire simplicity. As a website owner, one just need to sign in to your account then create your first ad and finally insert the source code on your website

Following are the top enlisted frequently asked questions that are found to be the center point of curiosity among the individuals about the Google AdSense,

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Here are Some of the Questions Which People ask mostly!

What is Google AdSense Earnings Per Click?

The Earning of Google depends on various factors.

Top 3 Factors of Google Adsense Earning

  • Country of User
  • He has clicked on Add or Not
  • CPC of Keyword

The cost-per-click (CPC) is formally considered to be the amount that an individual can earn each time the user clicks on one’s ad.

Now Suppose the Keyword is “Car ” You know the worth of Car is higher than any toy. So the CPC of Car should be higher than toy So that’s Why People having a website Car will get higher CPC. This is just an example.

The CPC depends on the competition for a Specific Keyword like if you want to sell iPhone mobile, most people want to sell it by displaying ads on Website. So what they do they Bid on the Keyword on which they want to show the Ads.

The Below Picture Will Explain you Better about CPC.

What is CPC explained with pic

Remember as the Rate of Iphone7 is different in Every country so the CPC will be also Different according to that keyword Value in particular country.

Cost per click (CPC) is a revenue which enables you to earn after each time the visitor clicks on your ad.

Another profound relative term that is useful in the knowledge of Google AdSense earnings is CPM. The abbreviation of the acronym CPM states as the “Cost per 1000 Impressions”.

Sometimes the advertisers are found to opt for CPM ads prior to the CPC and hence they set their price for 1000 ad impressions. In this regard, they are considered to be able to pay each time whenever their ads are found to appear instantly on any website simultaneously.


How to Calculate Adsense Earning? Google AdSense Earnings Calculator 

The online Google AdSense earning Calculator is used most commonly to estimate ones Google AdSense earnings based on

  • CPM (Cost per Impression )
  • CTR (Click to Rate)
  • Cost per Click (CPC)

You should be aware of these terminologies :

  • Page Impressions: A page impression is something worth that the Google counts in your reports on the basis of the timely visits of the user views on your page that is found to be displaying Google ads. It will be counted formally as one-page view regardless of the fact that the number of multiple ads displayed on the same page likewise.
  • Page e-CPM: Page e-CPM to be a formal acronym used for “Page Effective CPM” is considered to represent one’s estimated earnings on the basis for every 1000 impressions one receives.

You can check by using these terms Online here: Earning Calculator

If you are using WordPress You can also use Plugin: Google Adsense Dashboard 

It will show you, your daily Earning on WordPress dashboard which is easy to look and understand.


What Is The Average CTR Of AdSense?   

One of the most repetitive question to be found among the users is the general query about the average of CTR of AdSense.

The term CTR to be formally used as an acronym for “Click-Through Rate” refers to the number of the ad clicks to be divided by the number of the individual ad impressions.

The concept of the average of CTR of AdSense could be better clarified by the explanation if the following general example:

Suppose that an individual is currently showing 3 AdSense ads on every page of your website, besides 1-page view is considered to be equal to the 3 ad impressions. The concept can be better given by the formula:

CTR = Clicks/ Ad Impressions X 100

Now that makes a supposition that one has got 5 ad impressions, your CTR would preferably be 1% (5/500 X 100).


How Much Does Google AdSense Pay Per Click    

The most nearly logical answer to the above-mentioned query is that one cannot exactly predict the Google AdSense earning rather one can be able to optimize the ads in different possible ways with an aim to make the maximum earnings out of it.

I have already explained above How CPC of Keywords depends upon the earning. Google AdSense is found to pay 68% of the single click on your website. Meanwhile keeping in mind the competition of preferable keywords on Google AdSense, the cost-per-click varies a lot.


How Much Does Google AdSense Pay Per Pageview?

A favorable answer to the above-mentioned question could be better explained by the estimate that considers a website that is earning an average of 3 pages per visit, each along with the addition 2 ads units and impression of CPM of $1 is estimated to be earning $6 per 1000 visits.

Besides the CTR is belonging the majority of AdSense bids as per click. Therefore, the Click Through Rate of one’s ad units is found to have a great impact on the revenue overall performance.


What is the Threshold Limit of Adsense Payment?

You can withdraw your payment money only when you reach the threshold limit of Google Adsense Earning. The threshold limit is 100$.


What is the GoogleAdsensee payment date? 

If your payment crossed the threshold limit of 100$ then you will get the Payment on 21st of that month.


How Do I Increase CPC in Adsense?

One of the most useful tip to increase CPC in AdSense is to bring a broad quality traffic to the quality content of your website while displaying the relevant ads. The more clicks ultimately turn into clients, therefore, the more you will be getting paid by the AdSense with each click.

Besides, many experts that claim to briefly know about which is the best place to place the ads. Proper Use of Ads can also bring you a good Click rates on Ads. Place your ads on Hotspots, so that Google provides top CPC placements where your visitors are most likely to click.


Is It Easy To Get Adsense Approval In Pakistan And India?

To get the AdSense approval which is a timely process of around 2-months is dependent upon the following factors:

  • Traffic for AdSense
  • Design of the Website
  • Web Hosting Service
  • Domain Name
  • Content for AdSense etc.

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How Much Traffic Does a Website Need to Make Money?

CPM Network earnings are found to be totally dependent upon the traffic quality of one’s website. But one can vaguely make expectations anywhere between $1 to $3 as per 1000 impressions. So, if one could be able to generate 1000 page views a day then one can be able to make around $100 to $300 a day from the CPM network assistance.


How Many Page views Should A Blog Have To Get Adsense Approval?     

In order to get the formal AdSense Approval, one should not be solely dependent on the page views that the blogs are getting for Google does not aim to ask for such data. Rather one needs to design an innovative website that shouldn’t be full of Ads. Moreover, the website should include good and handy content that could be easily narrative by the readers.

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What Is Difference In Adwords & Adsense?

 AdWords is most commonly used by the advertisers whereas on the other hand AdSense is most popularly used by the publishers.

AdWords enable the people to advertise on While AdSense lets the publishers to timely monetize their websites or blogs by earning a valuable sum of money from the relevant AdWords ads that are found to be displayed next to their content.


How To Add Google Adsense To A Website?

To add the Google Adsense Ads on your website you need to do following things.

  • Go to Adsense Website
  • Login to Adsense
  • Go to Create Ads
  • Create All types of ADs and Save code.
  • Copy that Code and paste on Website Where you want to place that ads.

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If you have any other Question-Related Adsense, Comment below I will try my best to answer your questions.


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