How to find low competition keywords – Rank Website in a Week

How to find low competition keywords – Rank Website in a Week

Do let’s start with the goal of Understanding why we need to find keywords? Why Keywords Research is important.

Whenever Newbie jumps into SEO field, they face problem to find profitable low competition keywords.  I have read many Bloggers asking questions like

  • I have created a website, but I am not getting traffic. Can anyone Help me?
  • I am writing Quality Articles, but none of my posts get the 1st page of Google. Why?
  • How to Find Low Competition Keyword?
  • Is finding Keyword ‘s hard job?
  • I am Ranking Low competition Keyword still I am not getting traffic or ranking. Why?
  • I am feeling lost,  after a lot of hard work I am getting zero organic traffic. Why?

How to find low competition keywords

If you have the same feeling, then you are now at right place because today I will answer all of your questions, and you can understand the full concept of Keywords in SEO.

Explain everything I will tell you from basic. So are you ready to start with me?

What is Keyword? Why Keyword important for Google?

The keyword is a “Main word”  in your website (web page) that make possible for people find your web page in search Search Engine.

Let’s suppose you are working on keyword ” bikes” so when any one search on a search engine for Bikes. Now, search Engine will look for all websites which contain word  ” Bike .” So this word is helping search engine to tell that I have information related Bike. But it doesn’t mean Google will show your website on top of First Page. because there are some Google Ranking factors to rank a website for specific keywords.

Make sure You have Selected Niche before finding keyword.  First, let me tell you.

What is the difference between Long Tail Keywords and Short Keywords?

Short keywords have Generally 1 or 2 words in it and Longtail Keywords usually, has more than two words in it.

Let’s take an example

  1. Car
  2. White Care
  3. White car for sale,
  4. White car for sale in Scotland

Here in this example, you can see first keyword car is too short one. Second keyword White car has two words “White” and “Car ”  but still it’s short.

Now look at Keyword number 3 “White car for sale ” it’s Long Tail Keyword because it contains more than two words.

If you look at number 4 keyword White car for sale in Scotland its Very Long Tail Keyword.

So which kind of keywords we should choose?

Well, let me explain you.

It’s easy to rank for long Tail Keywords because we have less competition in particular Long tail keyword.

As people writing for cars are 1000 but people writing for white cars in Scotland is less. So if we choose this keyword we have less competition and we can rank this keyword quickly.

” It’s easy to rank Keywords containing more number of words (Long Tail Keywords)  .”

Remember: we only have to choose those long Tail keywords which people are typing into a search engine.

Keyword Searches according to Country?

Question:  How would we know that people are searching for this keyword or not? 

Don’t worry we have a solution for that, as Google Key planner helps us to check how many people are searching particular keyword. We can filter these searches by country, by language, and  by Region.

There is also some paid software are available to Find keywords which people are searching.

Personally, i like these 3 Tools.

  1. Ahrefs
  2. Semrush
  3. KW Finder

How to find Keywords on Ahrefs Keywords explorer

Ahrefs Keyword Explorer just released, and it’s one of best Tool to find keywords. After login click on Keyword Explorer 2.0 as you can see in a picture below.

Ahrefs Keywords find

Now you have to write a keyword related to your niche here or Keyword which you want to rank for, as you know, i have written House for rent in a picture below.

Ahrefs keywords Explorer

You can also select the country, according to your niche, like if you want to promote any product in Australia, then you must choose a country like Australia. If you checked keywords of USA and started working on them to rank in Australia, then you will feel like lost. Because Keyword competition is different in the various countries. So after selecting it to click on you will see picture below.

Ahrefs Keywords explorer data

You can see on the picture above Ahrefs showing keyword difficulty as it’s easy for me to get rank this Keyword or not.

If Keyword difficulty number is higher, it’s difficult to rank that keyword.

You can also see Global Searches according to countries, that 55% people are searching this keyword in the USA. So be wise to choose a keyword.

You can also check Keywords suggestion and keywords ideas related to your keyword. So it’s the best tool to find keywords having all information we needed to rank any keyword.

If you want to buy this generic lexapro does not work Software from Here

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Semrush Keyword Finder Tool

Semrush is also one of the best tool to find long tail keywords as I am already using this. Semrush is the smart tool to find good unique long tail keywords as it shows live data too. So let’s go to our primary goal “How to find low competition keywords”

How to Find Long Tail Keywords on Semrush

it’s simple to find keywords as you just have to type a word on Semrush and it will show results.

Semrush keyword Overview

I have just written a keyword “Football Goals” and selected country of Australia because I want to rank my website in Australia, you can select country according to your choice, where you want to rank.

So after that click on search, you will get results as you can see in above picture.

It will show you

  • Volume of Search: How many people searching per month
  • CPC: Average price advertiser pays to an audience to click on their ads.
  • Trend Rate: it tells that how many people are searching this topic from limited time.

So these are important terms to know about keywords we have to use. Semrush also show Organic searches and Ads copies to create Beautiful ads by checking other competitor ads and on Organic search we can see which websites are ranked on this keyword.

Search result semrush

One of the most important things is that it gives you related keyword search and provide you information on some excellent Long Tail keywords related to your search.

As you can see in Picture below I, have highlighted the keyword “Football goal posts for sale.”

Related Keyword in Semrush

its showing related keywords of our keyword ” Football Goal” with all data of volume and CPC.

Keyword Difficulty is one of best feature this tool has as they show us it’s easy to rank this keyword or not.

If we choose Keyword that has Low difficulty, it’s easy to rank, and High Difficulty keywords are difficult to rank.

In the picture below you can see Related Keywords with Keywords Difficulty as KD represent Keyword Difficulty.

keyword Difficculty Semrush


So this is one of best tool to find right keywords, and it also has some other great usage as

  •  Track all keywords how they are ranking dailyHow their
  • How their position changes daily.
  • How we can fix errors on our website
  • How to increase Presence of website
  • Check your website backlinks as well.

If you want to buy this amazing software, you can buy here

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KW Finder Tool

KW finder tool is very easy to use as it also has same functions as I told you about Semrush and Ahref method of How to find low competition keywords.

KW Finder Search

You can see above picture as I have written keyword How to kick a football and selected country like Pakistan.

You can also select language for specific search then you need to click on Analyse to get ideas about this keywordKW Keyword Find

You can see on above picture that this Keyword Difficulty is 40 out of hundred, so it’s possible for us to rank.

When the difficulty is low, it’s easy to rank keyword. You can also check on Left Hand Side it’s giving long tail related keyword ideas too. So you can find low challenging keywords here by this tool quickly.

Buy KW Finder Tool


I don’t have money to buy this premium software, How I can find Long Tail Keywords? 

Don’t worry if you don’t have money to find keywords, then there is also some Free methods.

Find Keywords from Google Suggestion

Google is also very helpful to find Long tail keywords. I will tell you How to find low competition keywords without any charges from Google.

First, go to Google and write any niche related keyword in Google.

Now Google will show you instantly relevant keywords which people are mostly searching.

You can see on picture below that I have written keyword “How to Kick Football a”

Google search results

Google show me instant related keywords here on above picture. So these all are long tail keywords which are easy to rank rather than short keywords. If I want different what you need to do is just play around your main keyword like

First Write”How to Kick Football a.”

After That write like below

“How to Kick a Football a.”

“How to Kick a Football b.”

“How to Kick a Football c.”

So you can change the last alphabet and check what Google suggest about these terms. Write down these keywords and check on Google key planner or any other keyword Finder tool to check difficulty and volume because most of the keyword finder tool give free trial too.

Free Keyword Difficulty Finder Tool

  • Semrush

  • KW Finder

Semrush and KW finder both provide free limited keyword search service so you can also use their free version to check tools.

I hope Now you can understand this topic if still, you have any problem comment below.


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