10 Things you must Do before Applying for Google Adsense

I have received a lot of messages about Google Adsense, Lot of peoples are facing issues in getting Google Adsense Approved. There are many reasons for rejection of Google Adsense Applications. If you Correct all these mistakes i have listed in this article I can Guarantee your Application for Google Adsense will be accepted. So Do read Important things that you need to do before applying for AdSense.10 things to do Before applying for Google Adsense

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10 Things you must Do before Applying for Google Adsense

Always write high-quality articles on your website because Google loves High-quality Articles which will be beneficial for people.

High-Quality Articles

  • Unique and Original Articles
  • Useful information
  • Free of Grammer Mistakes
  • Proper use of Headings and Bullets

Create Privacy Page for Your Website

Privacy Page is also important for your website, this is also a requirement for Google Adsense approval as well. It also makes a Trust in public eyes that this website is not a scam.  In your Privacy Policy, you will write What they will get here and What they can do and what Limitations are here on the website.

For example ” I am the owner of This website XYZ, I will share information about this topic. My all articles will be 100% written by me, You can’t copy my articles without my permission etc”

This is just a General view to understanding the importance of Privacy Page.

So You can create Privacy Page by writing yourself or you can use WordPress Plugin Privacy Page Generator.

Create About Us Page

Create About us Page for your website as it’s also necessary part to get the approval of Google Adsense. In this About Us page you have to write about your team or yourself, so people would know who is managing this blog and it will also build a User trust. Remember without About Us page you won’t get Google Adsense Account.

Create Contact Us Page

Create contact us page on your website so users on your website can speak with you about your website and can give you their opinion and suggestions.

Use always Professional Email Address

like [email protected]

By creating this Page you are telling Google that you care about your visitors and also you are providing contact details so you can listen to them.

Write Name and Email

Write the name and your email on the visible area of your website, it is necessary to do that. It will tell Google that you are the same person who is applying for Google Adsense.

Improve Website Desing

Make your website design simple and professional which should be easy to understand for people.So while designing keep in mind these things

  1. Simple and Professional
  2. Fast Loading speed
  3. Easy to read Articles
  4. Search ENgline Friendly
  5. Don’t add too many Widgets

Use Top Level Domain

Well, I have seen its easy to get Adsense Approved if you have a top level domain, while people applying for Blogspot have fewer chances. Because when you get top level domain it means you are serious about your business so always buy a Top level domain like dot com and dot net.

Read This: 8Tips on choosing a domain name

Remove Other Ad Networks

If you are using some other companies ads on your website, I suggest you remove these Ads network before applying.

Clean Content

Don’t write article related Pornography.

Hacking or pirated content. Keep your website clean.

Organic Traffic

If your website is getting traffic from Google search engine the chances are very high that your website will be approved for AdSense. if you are getting paid traffic than suggest you to wait till you get organic traffic.

Here are some tips to increase your website Traffic.


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