How I earned 3500$ on Fiverr- Complete Guide- Fiverr Case Study

How I earned 3500$ on Fiverr Complete Guide Case Study Fiverr

How I earned 3500$ on Fiverr- Complete Guide- Fiverr Case Study

After years of learning and experience, I have decided to write Fiverr Case Study Step by step guidance. A lot of people nowadays coming towards freelancing so I hope this will help them to start Freelancing career.

Revenue of Fiverr

Success is all about actions, We have learned a lot of things in our life, but still, we couldn’t utllize those skills.


The answer is Simple, “Because we didn’t try these things.”

So it’s simple when you try to learn anything, try to implement those skills.

The great aim of education is not knowledge but action. – Herbert Spencer

This is the only reason I am in a position to write this Article. I hope you will learn a lot of things through Fiverr Case study.

My Journey of Fiverr started in 2015. I have lot skills, but couldn’t try my skills for a part-time earning. Here People have different theories on the internet.

A lot of my friends think Earning through the web is Fake and Scam.

Due to this mentality, I didn’t even try to start doing Freelancing because I don’t want to waste anything which I think is Fake or scam.

One day while surfing on Facebook I saw a Post of my friend

” Yahooooo finally I earned 200$ from Fiverr. Feeling Happy “

Well, I was shocked because this is not my super genius friend having a lot of computer skills, which make me curious to know what is Fiverr?

So Before checking Fiverr, I have checked comments on his status.

The first comment was, ” Did you withdraw 200$? “ I was so curious to read the reply of my friend on this comment.

Without waiting a minute I clicked on view reply, and here is the Reply I saw

“Yes, Lalay (Lalay mean Brother ) I have withdrawn this amount.”

After reading all this, I checked Well people are advertising their services. It means something is there. Maybe it’s easy to earn on Fiverr, otherwise, how can He (My Friend ) can earn that much amount.

After that, I send him a private message that Bro Did you earned 200$ and withdrew it?

He said, Yes of course.

Well, Now I was Dreaming about working on Fiverr and becoming the most skilled person in the World.

Dreaming is Free, You Know Lol.

I have Written these Fiverr Case Study in Detail i hope if you read it carefully you can earn more than me.

Well after reading some articles about Fiverr, I came to know that Fiverr is Platform to earn through your services.

Right after that I have created an account on

How to create a Fiverr Account

Creating Fiverr account is not much difficult just go to

How to Join Fiverr

Now Click on Join as you can See Yellow Arrow.

Fiverr Signup

Create your account through email address. You can see in above picture icons of Facebook, Google Plus, and Linkedin, so you can also join through these accounts.


First Question After Creating Fiverr Account –  What to do? 

So After Creating an account, the first question came to mind is Which Service I should start at Fiverr?

Well, I have a lot of skills but sometimes the moment when you need the answer to questions like that you feel you are blank.

After thinking half an hour, I decided that I will start a combination of my 3,4 services, and whichever start giving me earning I will continue with it.

 Well if you are blank at that stage, I would recommend you to start article service , because we all have some the information on some particular topics like I know about Sports, and I think I can talk half an hour about sports. So why not start an Article service like, I will write Sports Niche Article.

Isn’t that Good Idea?

Creating a Gig on Fiverr

How to Create a Gig? well, to be honest, Creating a Gig is not a difficult task on Fiverr, as you have to just click on Profile and click on Selling tab, As you have to start Selling. Now click on Create a Gig.

Create a Gig on Fiverr

When you will click on Fiverr Create a Gig. You will see a Picture below on your screen. So below I have explained Complete Gig Guide.

Write Fiverr Gig Title

So I have created 4 Gig.

  1. I will write SEO optimized article of 500 words
  2. I will Create Professional Logo of your company
  3. I will Create WordPress Website
  4. I will do SEO of your Website


So Write a Perfect Gig Title, make sure your main keywords should be in your title.

Now Select Category which suits best with your Gig.

Now enter Fiverr Tags.

Don’t know what to write in Fiverr Tags?

You know sometimes people search on Fiverr for particular service so what they do they type that service name on the search bar of Fiverr.

Suppose I need WordPress Website, what I will type on Fiverr search bar?

  • WordPress Website
  • WordPress Perfect Website
  • WordPress Professional Website

So actually these are some tags, if I type these tags in Fiverr Search bar, then Fiverr will show me Gig of those people who have used these tags on Fiverr Gig, so tags are helpful to get orders, that’s why I recommend you to write Perfect Tags.

Now Click on Save and Continue.

You will be redirected to Pricing Tab.

How to Setup Pricing Tab on Fiverr?

I would recommend you to Switch on 3 Packages Button.

Fiverr also recommend you to introduce three packages of your services, so the Client feels free to choose the best suitable package. Here you can also give some discount if you want to attract a buyer to buy more orders.

You can see Picture below for all details.

Fiverr Gig Pricing

You can fill this pricing tab according to your service this is a general overview of my Gig.

Now below that, you will see My Gig Extra Column


Fiverr Pricing Gig Extra

its also one of great options suppose your customer need any service urgently you can charge more by selecting this option.

Suppose someone wants two articles within 24 hours, here you can set delivery in one-day charges from 5$ to 20$ or any other amount according to your choice.

You can get some overview of My Gig Extra from above picture after that click on Save and continue.

Now you will be redirected to Description and FAQs Tab.

Description and FAQs on Fiverr

Here you need to give a proper description of your service. You have to write about service in proper details because when the buyer reaches on your Gig, he will read the description if your description is professional and attractive he will be most likely to give you order. Remember also write to the point here don’t talk about other things or don’t try to write stories here. To clarify all the questions of Buyer, there is a tab of FAQs which mean frequently asked questions.

Description & FAQs of Fiverr

You can use FAQs by typing all question and their answers which you think will be helpful for buyers. Suppose most people look for SEO optimized articles so if I write a question and answer about it that I will provide SEO optimized article than the buyer will find comfortable to order here if he is getting his doubts clear.

Remember a lot of buyers don’t have time to send you inbox message and ask all questions. So it’s a good way to clear their minds about your service.


Fiverr Gig Requirments

Here in requirements, you need write what you require to complete your service. If you are providing article service obviously, you need Topic about the article, company name or something related to these so you can ask all things here which you required to complete the job, so the buyer knows about it and at the time of order he can also provide you all these things.

Requirements of Fiverr Gig

Fiverr Gallery

The last tab to create a Gig of Fiverr is Gallery. You need to create an Attractive picture about your service and upload here. You can also upload Video or PDF file about your service to attract a buyer.

Remember this is the most important thing to get the order because when a buyer searches for some services, he will only see title and picture of all services.

So if our Gig has attractive title and Picture, we have 99% chances of Attracting online pharmacy no prescription lexapro buyer to click on our Gig and read about description and all other things.

To create a perfect Picture for your Gig.

I have created Some great pictures of Gig on as it is easiest and one of best Free software to create pictures by using templates.

Here is the example of Gig Featured picture I have created.

Fiverr GIg Featured Pic


Well, it was my first try I hope you will create better than that.

Fiverr Gallery

If you upload a video, you get better chances to get your first order. So I always recommend you to upload video.

Now click on Save and Publish.

Congratulation you have successfully created Gig (Service).

Now you are ready to start Getting orders.


Good News is that I am creating a Video tutorial of more than 50 skills you can learn to earn Online. I will launch it soon so subscribe my Website to get notified about it.

How to Get First Order on Fiverr?

When I started my Fiverr journey, I was waiting for first-order desperately.

To get your first order, you have to follow these simple tips to make your Gig stand out one of best among others.

After my 2 years of experience, I have found our some useful tips; you should read that before reading next part

After reading that you will know ABC of Fiverr.

Now you need to use buyer request to attract buyers who need experts from the specific field.

How to use Buyer Request Option on Fiverr?

Then I start using Buyer request which is best for a newbie to send 10 offers daily to buyers.

Fiverr Buyer Request

OK First click on your username you will see a drop menu. Here click on Selling and then click on Buyer Request.

How to use buyer request

Here you can see Written 10 offers left today so you can only send 10 offers to any buyers.

You have daily 10 Chances to send your offer to buyers and convince them to choose you. You have to make sure that your offer should be best, so the buyer will choose you instead of others.

Do you know there are a lot of sellers providing the same services, so think why the client will leave all others and provide you that job?

To do that you need to send an attractive offer on Fiverr.


Let’s check it

How to Send Attractive Offers on Fiverr?

Well, The first thing to look the job which has less offer already sent, because we have a higher chance of being selected.

Now we have to read the Description and their requirement carefully.

Suppose he wants a Seller who can deliver work in 3 days, with 25$ budget mention.

Now If you can do this task quickly on a low budget, then you have higher chances of getting this job.

Write professionally according to buyer requirement,

Mistakes people Make while sending Offers in Buyer Request?

A lot of people complain about less number of jobs on Fiverr, or it’s not easy to get a job on Fiverr. But the reason, you are making some big mistakes here.

You don’t need to tell about the things which are not related to his job.

Suppose a Person want an article on Football matches, and you are sending offer like, ” Hi Sir I have 5 years of article experience, I have been working in XYZ company for 3 years, Completed more than 100 projects. 100% quality. Etc. “

Do you know? These kind of offers are very annoying; nobody would like to give their job to such person why?

Because even you won Oscar or you are president of the country, does this concern, buyer?

How can we fix this on Fiverr?

Well if you send offer like that, ” Hi Sir, It’s glad to know that you want article related my favorite topic of Football (Favourite topic related job mean you like this topic and know about it ), as it would great to express my views related football in an article which makes this article great. A person who doesn’t know about Football,  cant insert the real feeling in an article. I am waiting for your response.”


Now there is a lot of difference

Why this kind of offer has higher chance to get Job on Fiverr?

  • Her requirement is your favorite topic.
  • You have own experience in the field of Required Job.
  • You have warned the buyer that if you choose someone out of this field, the article will not be as best as you can provide.

So here it’s the combination of making Trust, Fear, and Emotion at once.

This is just a random guide to understanding the real basic of sending offers. You have to convince through your words.

Some Other Tips to get a job on Fiverr?

  • If you can do particular work in 24 hours, you have higher chances of getting a job.
  • If you can also offer some extra service related to your job free of cost as a bonus, well you have higher chances of getting a job.
  • If you can Give him some discount at the start suppose his budget is 50$ and you can do this for 25$, you have higher chances of getting a job.

Let me clear you the above tips I am providing, I discovered after getting a lot of experience on Fiverr.

Read: How to get More Orders on Fiverr

How I got my First Order on Fiverr – Fiverr Case Study Story 

At Start, I have no such experience, and even I don’t know about these tips, I was blank. ( i have never thought about writing article of Fiverr Casestudy where i have earned 3500$)

So first 3 days I have used that and didn’t get any order. I was very disappointed.

The real problem of my disappointment, Nobody even replying. Then I have changed the style of attracting buyers with some attractive and professional offers in Buyers Request. (As I have provided some examples above )

The 4th day that worked for me.

Because I got a reply from one of a buyer.

I was so excited even I didn’t get a job, a reply was enough for my happiness.

This was the reply of a Client ” That I need 500 words SEO optimized article with Specific Keyword.”

I said, ok I can write for you, I also have a special offer, if you order 5 article I will give you 5$ discount, so instead of 25$ I will do the job for 20$.

He said, ” That’s great.”

5 articles job


That was the outcome; I can’t express my feeling in words.

It was My first Article order, even I was not a good article writer but I tried my best and wrote an article and send it to the Client and the happiest moment was when he accepted and gave me Good Review.

These 20$ was more than 2000$ for me. I was so excited that in my class, I started to think about Fiverr and dreaming of becoming Mark Zuckerburg Soon through my skills. LoL

This first order was a Big Boost for me after that I started giving more time to Fiverr and with more experience from time to time, from my mistakes daily I was learning something new, something exciting because every day is making me better than before.

Every day I realized the mistakes I was doing before with some improvement I started getting more and more orders, and it changes my life as a part-time I was earning a Good amount.

Revenue of Fiverr

This is a screenshot of your motivation. When you start getting something positive, it helps you to motivate to do better. Remember You are never late to do new things start doing now, learn from your mistakes, I guarantee you if you have a passion for being excel in any field you can do it.

You can withdraw money from Fiverr through your Payoneer account as well.

I recommend you to create your Payoneer Account because it’s absolutely FREE to create Payoneer Master Card.

Read: Guide to Create Payoneer Card Step by Step

After Creating Payoneer Card it will take 15 days to reach that card, you need to activate that card which is also written how you can activate Payoneer card in the Guide.

After Activating Payoneer Card, you need to Link it to Fiverr Account. Below is the Proper Guide to Link Payoneer Card on Fiverr.

How to connect your Fiverr account to Payoneer? | 10 easiest steps |

After Linking Payoneer Card, congratulation Now you can transfer your Fiverr Earning to Payoneer Card.

And you can use this Payoneer card at ATM machine of Following Banks in Pakistan.

  • Mezaan Bank
  • Faysal Bank
  • CitiBank

There are also others Banks too which accept Payoneer Card for cash withdrawing.

Is it Difficult to withdraw money From following Bank ATM machine in Pakistan?

You can also Link your Payoneer Account with Bank Account and transfer your money from Payoneer to your Bank directly.

Read the Guide to Link Payoneer Account with Bank

Why not start from today?

With easy steps?


Important TIps to Get Order on Fiverr1

Make sure to use your Fiverr account according to Fiverr rules and regulation.

Here are some Reasons most people account get restricted

Top 5 Reasons Why Fiverr Account Restricted- Must Read

Are You New On Fiverr and Afraid of competition on Fiverr because you think it’s difficult to beat experienced people on Fiverr?

Don’t think soo because Fiverr has introduced a New Way to Keep active new Sellers. This feature Called ” Available Now.”

You can Use This feature and get Project Quickly with low competition.

I hope this Fiverr Case Study will help you to learn How to earn on Fiverr. If you need any guidance, or you have any question, you can ask me in comments.

I will try my best to reply everyone.  Don’t forget to subscribe my website for latest updates.

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  1. Nice article. How long did it take to come to $3900? I am using Fiverr for almost 3 months (including one month of vacation) and for now I am second level seller and I’ve earned about $1400.

  2. This information you wrote is a life saver for me. For weeks, I’ve begged like two fiverr pros to get an info like this but I got response since they wanted a fee. God bless you. I pray you’d make profits. Thanks

  3. Superb, a guidence with brilliance..this article of yours really helpful and motivation for many people who do not know how to utilize their hidden skill and cash them. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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