List of High Quality Famous Blogs that Accept Guest Posts Free

List of High Quality Famous Blogs that Accept Guest Posts

What is a Guest Post?

Guest Post includes writing and publishing articles on someone else’s blogging site. Guest blog provides an opportunity to the talented writer to connect with new and diverse readers and also to get their name out. It is a method used by writers to increase the traffic of their website.

List of High Quality Famous Blogs that Accept Guest Posts

Top 5 Benefits of Guest Posts

Guest posts hold a lot of benefits and that is why many people are inclined towards them. Guest posts help you in ranking your website higher and also increase your domain authority. Guest post can be highly beneficial in terms of driving more targeted traffic, meeting like-minded bloggers and getting backlinks. When other article marketing and backlinks techniques got failed after Penguin updates, guest blogging is still one of the best approaches to get backlinks. If a website holds a talented and professional guest blogger, the site can do wonders in increasing its targeted traffic.

Here are some of the amazing benefits of guest posting for SEO listed down:

  1. Helps in getting quality traffic

Guest posts Helps in getting quality traffic

People invest most of their time and energy in guest posting because of getting quality traffic that it sends. These guest posts help you in increasing the number of users of your website that can later turn into customers. If you get successful in getting your article published on best blogs to write for, the bounce rate of your website will get minimum thus increasing the performance of your website.

  1. Helps in building domain and search engine authority

Guest post increase Search engine authority

Another amazing advantage of guest posting SEO is that it helps you in building your domain name and search engine authority. It is the best way to build quality authoritative backlinks to your blog as well as to improve your blog’s search engine authority.

  1. Helps in building online influence

Online Influence

When we talk about online influence while writing guest blog posts, it includes the real influence which can be positive or negative depending on how you are impacting people with your writing. We are not talking about authority or expertise here but the power of using your blog posting to impress your readers. Guest blogging on sites like Huffington post is a great way to impact lives of other people through your writing.

  1. Helps in developing authority

Buliding Authority by Guest post

It takes some time for a new blogger to become respected and develop his authority in his respective domain. If you write your content on a free blog posting sites for SEO, you will be known in no time and in addition to that, you will not even have to spend your money. Guest posting provides you a miraculous way to associate yourself with the top bloggers in your niche.

  1. Helps in improving writing

Guest post article writing

When you are new to the blogging field, you learn gradually from your mistakes and your mistakes help you in growing towards a successful career. One of the major thing that all the great looking blogs do is to proofread their content before publishing. It doesn’t matter that how great, motivational, inspirational or quality content you write because it will be of no use if your readers can’t enjoy it because of some grammatical or spelling mistakes in it. You can always use some proofreading software to make your content error free.


How to do Guest Posting?

Before entering into the field of guest posting, there are some rules that you should learn in order to achieve your desired motives. You can get your benefits from the blog publishing sites only if you are choosing the right guest blogging sites for getting your content published. Low quality or substandard websites can harm the image of your website rather than doing well for you.

Before sending your valuable content to any website for publishing, you should spend some time in doing research. You should find all the top blogging sites that can be beneficial for your niche. After that, try to learn the method they those websites follow for accepting a guest post. When you have gone through this process, you can easily publish your content on any of those top rated guest blogging sites.

List of Top Blogging Websites

In order to help you in posting your content on the top blog sites, we have gathered down a list of top guest blogging sites.

  1. High Domain Authority Blogs

Here is a list of some high domain authority blogs that can help you in blogging or marketing guest posts.

  1. ShazzSEO
  2. ShoutMeLoud
  3. Content Marketing Institue
  4. HubSpot
  5. Outbrain
  6. Smashing Magazine
  7. Inc42
  8. YourStory
  9. Daily Blog Tips
  10. HellBound Bloggers
  11. Small Biz Trends
  1. Technology Related Websites

Here are some technology related blogging sites listed down:

  1. Readwrite
  2. ShoutMeTech
  3. iAmWire
  4. TechWyse


Things you Should Do before Writing a Guest Post

Before writing a post for such high quality websites, remember these things.
Know the rules of guest post

  • you should see the content on their websites and check out how they are writing posts.
  • What topics they are choosing.
  • If your niche matches such websites, write a Quality Post on such topics which would be beneficial for their users.
  • After that request the owner of the websites in the Contact section.
  • High Quality articles have always a good number of chances to get your guest post approved.

You can also write for my website if you follow all these things I have mentioned here.


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