Improve your search engine ranking on Google – Top SEO Ranking Factors

SEO is one of most important thing for your business to improve your search engine ranking on Google. We will discuss Top SEO Ranking Factors. SEO is important as fuel is important for a Bike. so without SEO your website is of no use. But don’t be afraid about SEO as I will guide you about SEO from Basic to advanced level.

What is SEO

To Know about SEO first we need to Know about the word S.E.O. SEO means ( Search Engine Optimization ). As you Know Google is a No.1 search engine, because of approximately 3.5 Billion people searches per day on Google . So we need to do Google Optimization. So  It’s like following rules of Google so Google can optimize our website and by following all their algorithm and method we can rank on 1st position of Google.


Why SEO is important?

SEO is one of a most important factor nowadays because millions of people searching every day for different kind of things. So Google cannot understand everything on a website as we human do understand. So That’s why we optimize our website so Google can understand and read our website properly. After Reading Google can understand each page of our website and know about the information we are providing on our website.

When People search for things on Google search engine than Google will check all websites that who is providing quality information about that particular search and according to their algorithm, it shows results. So if our website has No Search Engine Optimization Google will never ever read our website and the result will be we will not get traffic for Google search Engine which is Largest Search engine in the world. That’s why SEO has Major importance.

How does Google search engine optimization work

To understand Algorithm of Google Search Engine we take an example. Let’s suppose we are searching for ” Website Creation Company Online”.


So when we will type this word on Google search Engine and Hit enter then what will happen it will show us Some results.

The first question came in mind why google showing these results on Top because there might be thousand of other websites on that topic we are searching. To know about that we need to understand Google Algorithm how Google Rank any website? We need to check all factors.

Improve Your Search Engine Ranking on Google- Most Important Ranking Factors

Google follow special rules which are changing years by years, All websites who are following these rules are ranking well on Google search Engine. When you type any keyword on Google, Google will find relevant data from all websites and show only Top quality and popular data on the first Page. so let’s check out All the Factors so we can also Rank our website.

Domain Factors

  • Domain Age
    All websites domain having its age greater have a higher chance to come on the first page as compared to fewer age domains. Suppose your website is 2-year-old and your friend website is 6-year-old. you both are writing on the same topic then Google can give benefit to your friend due to domain age.
  • Keyword in Domain: 
    So keyword Appeared in Domain name has also some advantage in the eyes of Google as if someone is finding “SEO service” and if someone has a domain like then he will get an advantage because his name contains the main keyword. So having a keyword in a domain can also generic lexapro name wikipedia help you to improve your Search Engine ranking on Google.
  • Keyword in Sub Domain: 
    According to Moz the keyword appearing in Subdomain also boost your website
  • Domain TLD extension
    If you have Country code Top Level Domain (.us, up, ) the higher are a higher chance to rank your web in a particular country.

Page Factors

  • Keyword in Title Tag
    Use a keyword in Title tag , it will benefit to rank your website post.
  • Title Tag Started with Keyword
    All title Tags started with Keyword perform better.
  • Keyword in Description Tag
    Keyword in Description Tag is a good advantage for you.
  • Keyword in H1
    You must use a keyword in H1 for better ranking of a post.
  • Keyword Phrase
    Keyword Most Frequently used Phrase can also boost your post.
  • Keywords Density
    higher the density, more chances of better ranking.
  • Article Content
    If you write your article of more words than it has high chances of getting ranks.
  • Page Loading Speed
    Page loading speed has also impact on your web ranking.Keep website loading speed minimum.
  • Image optimization
    You must optimize all images and don’t forget to write Alt img.
  • OutBond Links
    Out Bond links to Google trusted websites can also Boost your website ranking.
  • Interlinking
    Interlinking your posts can also boost ranking. So try to interlink your posts to improve your search engine rankings on Google.

Site Level Factors

  • Unique Content
    Google want people to write unique and quality content, useless content has very negative effect on ranking.
  • Contact US Page
    If your Website contacts US page information matches with the information on than it will be a huge boost for you.
  • Server Location
    If your server location is in the USA you can rank better in the USA.
  • SSL certificate
    SSL Certificate also boosts rankings of a website.
  • SiteMap
    Sitemap helps Google to index your website page easier.
  • The term of Service and Privacy
    it helps Google to make you a trust a worthy person.
  • Mobile Optimized
    Nowadays most of the people use a mobile phone or tablets, so optimized website as mobile friendly to boost ranking. To improve your search engine ranking on Google.

Backlink Factor

  • Backlinks Domain Age
    if you are getting a backlink from aged domains it will also help your website to improve your search engine ranking on Google.
  • Special TLD
    Backlinks from special TLD like .Gov .EDU can also boost your web ranking.
  • Contextual Links
    link bounded in an article has more power in ranking factors than a link on the empty page.
  • Social Media
    Sharing : Social media sharing can also boost your web ranking.
  • Number of Backlinks
     A number of backlinks help you to get good ranking.

User Interactions 

  • Organic Traffic
    if you get the organic traffic it can increase your website ranking.
  • Bounce Rate
    Bounce Rate is used as a quality factor.
  • Direct Traffic
     if your website getting direct traffic its mean your website has good quality.
  • Repeat Traffic
    Web sites getting repeat traffic has higher chances of good ranking.
  • Comments
    Web sites having a large number of comments is a signal of a Good quality website.
  • Geo Targeting
    Geo-targeting can boost your web ranking in particular area.

Conclusion :

SEO is most essential part if you want to rank your website.  These are most essential and easy things to do, If you follow all these details, it will help to improve your Search Engine Ranking on Google. If you have any question regarding this topic comment below i will try my best to reply you.

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