What is Website Bandwidth? Explained with Cartoon Pictures

What is Website Bandwidth?

 Bandwidth¬†tells us about the amount of traffic and data that can be transferred between your site, users, and the¬†Internet. 

But still lot of people remained Confused about the Bandwidth.

What is Website Bandwidth Explained with Cartoon Pictures

To explain it easily I have researched about it by reading many articles, but after understanding the main concept I have created some Images to explain What is Bandwidth?

I Hope this will help you in understanding What is Bandwidth.

What is Bandwidth

What is Bandwidth Explained

I hope these pictures will help you to understand the basic Concept of Bandwidth and Why it is important to choose High Bandwidth for having a lot of traffic.

I have seen people asking for Question Like

  • How much Storage do I need to my website?
  • is 10 GB bandwidth enough for my website?

Well if you know the real Concept of the Bandwidth than it would be easy for you to understand How much Bandwidth would be enough for you to run a Website.

If you have still any question regarding that let me know. I would like to help you.


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