Top 5 Temporary Email Services: Protect your inbox from Spam

In this article, I will discuss Email and its categories like Temporary Email Services which is the Email Service but for Short Temporary Time. These are being used widely which are embedded by the Email services provider. Email services are the worldwide and most commonly used means of communication between people of different countries. Email Services are widely used to share contacts, confidential files and media, dates and events and many other things. Many Email service providers are working over the internet and millions of people are using multiple email accounts of different email service providers.

Top 5 Temporary Email Services Protect your inbox from Spam

List of Top Email Services

  • Gmail
    The Gmail which is developed by Google, Inc. and is mostly used for email service by people of this world. You can make account their easily by clicking


  • Outlook
    The Microsoft has developed Outlook and Hotmail. It was used commonly by people of 1990-2000 century. Now, people are converting their accounts to and many other email services.


  • Yahoo
    This Email service is used by very fewer people but it was the most advanced and fastest mode of communication in early 2000’s. Yahoo messenger was the most popular chatting and video calling web application. You can also do chatting and use Yahoo messenger by clicking the link.


Above all these, there so many other services like Hotmail, Hushmail, Fastmail, and many others. But hundreds and thousands of people are using Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail and Yahoo as well.  But what if people are not satisfied with this email services due to security and confidentiality? People want their important emails not to come in the spam but in the inbox.

What are Temporary Email Services?

Temporary Email Services are those which people want to receive email on their Temporary Email Service address. Basically, Temporary Email Services are those services that provide good kind of filter that deals with unwanted messages. People who don’t want to receive spam and unwanted emails in their account, they can use Temporary Email Services. This is because they actually want to protect their real account from fake messages. There are following Temporary Message sending and receiving services providers mentioned below:

  • Mailinator
    it is one of the most famous Temporary Email Service Provider. They are dealing with numbers of different domains on which people can use their account safely. You can choose Mailinator Widgets for your account. Check it if you want to protect your inbox.

  • Melt Mail
    The Melt Mail is simple but modern means of Email communication service which act and serve its clients as a Temporary Email Services. It will forward your incoming emails to your mail address. If you want something easiest then go for Melt Mail.



  • 10-minute mail
    if you want something unique and short, then use 10-minute You can create your account on 10-minute mail and use it for 10 minutes only, so finish your work in the limited time given.

  • TempEMail
    For a long purpose time email, then create your account there. As said, long purpose work but not too long. You can only use your account on temp email for about 14 days and then it will expire.


  • MailExpire
    you can use this email for 12 hours a day within 3 months. It will offer you great service of being the best Temporary Email Service provider. Try this by making an account on MailExpire.




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