Personal Blog name ideas to Choose Perfect Domain Name

These are best Personal Blog Domain name ideas I have found after searching 1000 of websites. Just like any product or brand, what attracts people most to a blog is its name. The blog name needs to be unique, catchy, or attractive depending on your niche.

Here is the list of creative Personal blog name suggestions which might help you in choosing your blog name.

Fashion Blog

  • Fringes of Name
  • House of Your Name
  • The Wow factory
  • Glamour Hub
  • Classiest Clothing
  • Fashion Hub
  • Fashion Star
  • Fashion Mania
  • Fashion Haul
  • Fashion box

Beauty Blog 

  • 10 Beauty Secrets of Name
  • Mascara flame-up
  • Mysterious Senses
  • You gotta beauty!
  • Eyes of Lashes
  • Beauty Speak
  • Best Beauty Hub
  • House of Beauty
  • Beauty and Beast
  • BuTee

Food Blog  

  • Cheesy Spreads
  • Chocolaty Treats
  • Aromatic Flavors
  • The Oven Mistress
  • Banana House
  • Hub of Food
  • White Banana
  • Red Pineapple
  • Bublooo Chublooo
  • Cheesy peesy

Travel Blog

  • Zoom the world
  • Adventures N More
  • Mysterious Roads
  • Dream of the road
  • Road Runner
  • Mountain to Conquer
  • Aim of Road
  • Road to Heaven
  • Road of Success

Business Blog

  • Financial Lockers
  • Investment Banks
  • Bundle the Cash
  • Finance my Business
  • Investooo Man
  • HiretoEarn
  • Profit Hub
  • Advice of Profit

Literature Blog

  • Knowledge Pools
  • The Classy Classics
  • Thou Art the Best
  • Shakespearean Wine
  • Classic Bloggy
  • Real Classical

DIY Blog 

  • Draw, cut, & paste
  • Artistic Patterns
  • Domestic Beauty
  • Creative Corners
  • Design’n Decorate
  • Ask me

Science Blog 

  • Visuals with Microscopes
  • Zoom with the Scientists
  • Creativity in Science
  • Freakonic Science
  • Einstein Facts
  • Real World Facts

Technical Blog 

  • Techie Tips with Me
  • Special Instructables
  • Essential Electronics
  • Pass on the Program
  • Backlinkerz
  • SEOfactsreality

General Blog 

  • Save Nature campaign
  • Chat Away all night
  • Climb the Mountains
  • Sweet Sunday Sensations

Some Blogs you can write about LIFE are:

  • Reasons to Smile
  • Hints for Life
  • Laugh and Cry
  • Regret No More
  • Happiness is Free
  • Through My Eyes
  • Life too Precious
  • Ready to Love
  • Inner Awesomeness
  • Too Many Dreams


These are best Personal Blog names you can choose for your Business or anything but remember you need to add your nickname or your own name with these names because the Biggest advantage is to making your Name as a brand because it also helps in Ranking your Website.

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