Top 10 Tips to Rank Gigs on Fiverr First Page – Fiverr Secrets

Top 10 Tips to Rank Gigs on Fiverr First Page – Fiverr Secrets Revealed

This is one of the Hottest topics on Fiverr that how I can Rank my Gig on Fiverr First Page because ranking on the First page means you will get a lot of orders.

Everyone wants their Gig to be on Top of the first page but only 28 Gig will be selected for the first page of any category.

Fiverr is one of the best platforms to earn Online by cashing your skills, but a lot of people facing difficulties to get Orders. That’s why a lot of people gave up early in Freelancing because of not getting Orders. Everyone wants to earn Online but you need to understand the concept of the platform to earn from it. Remember Every Software has some functions which are running backward on that software. These Software work according to the instructions provided to them. So if you understand the software functionality it would be easy for you to work. Fiverr Gig Ranking system has some functionality behind it, so you can rank it if you follow the algorithm running behind it.
Top 10 Tips to Rank Gigs on Fiverr First Page - Fiverr Secrets

There are thousand of peoples who are working on Fiverr. There are 103 Categories. Each category has 28 Gigs on the first page, which means 2884 Gigs will be on the first page for different categories. It means it’s not much difficult if we learn How we can rank our Gig on top.

Tips to Rank your Gig On First Page of Fiverr

  1. First, you must Use Proper Tags in Gig. Actually, you have to find Some good Keywords which people use to search different services related your Gig. I have provided a complete guide how You can search these keywords. Check Here
  2. You should attach High-Quality pictures on Gig. I have seen a lot of people attach low-resolution pictures on their Gig which is not a Good idea.
  3. Attach proper Video on your Gig. The best thing will be using your own video for your gig, it has higher chances of being selected as Top Gig.
  4. Remember After choosing perfect Tags, when you are about to create a video for your Gig, write all tags keyword and include these keywords in your Videos.
  5. Your voice should be clear in your Gig. Use Good mic to reduce noise in voice.
  6.  Try to use 3 packages always in your Gig.
  7. Use FAQ properly so if anyone comes to view the Gig, all the questions in his mind should be clear just by Reading FAQs.
  8. As you know there is a limit of words in the description, so you can explain your gigs by uploading a PDF file on your gig as well, so always attach a PDF file to explain clearly about your Gigs.
  9. Try to keep your response rate above 90% and also Deliver Orders on Time.
  10. Be friendly with your client and provide Top Quality service it will lead you to get Good Review which is one of the most important factors.

If you follow all these things I can guarantee you that your Gig will be on top soon. Remember Quality Service is one of the Major Factor so always provide your best to your clients. Keep patience and One day you will shine.

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8 thoughts on “Top 10 Tips to Rank Gigs on Fiverr First Page – Fiverr Secrets”

  1. There is no denying that all you said were true. I started fiverr in february last year and i didnt include a video but after two weeks i got my first order and since then things have changed that in the space of 6months i got over 500 reviews with an average of 2000$ monthly and been on first page a couple of times before it was blocked. I got a new one but iv not been able to achieve that feat i had with the first account

  2. I am new on fiverr, i’m offering service in writing and translation. The first mistake i made was my gig image using an animal and not rendering a service. I have changed it now but still need direction on how my gig could be displayed on fiverr platform so i could make sales. Also how it can be on new seller platform. Please i also want to ask if its only on social media i could advertise my gig

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