How to earn with zero Skills on Fiverr | Full Guide

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How to earn with zero Skills on Fiverr

There are a lot of people when I encourage them to earn through Freelancing; they said, ” We don’t have any skill to work Online.”

Freelancing is an excellent way to earn some amount in your part-time.

Well, even you have no skills. Still, you can make a good amount. How?

How to earn with zero Skills on Fiverr Full Guide


By out-sourcing Projects

Do you know what Out Sourcing project is?

No, let’s understand it through an easy example.
Suppose you got a 100$ project of Web development.

Well excited

giphy 2024

But wait, and you don’t know How to create a website even you don’t know ABCD of it.

giphy 2024

Now, what to do?

Here comes the Out Sourcing.

Now what you need to do, to complete a project?

You need to find a Person who has skills to complete this project.

Ok, but what’s the advantage if I give my project to someone else? 

Don’t think too hard.

giphy 2024


You have to find a Person who can do this project at the lowest price.

Suppose you got the 100$ project and a person is doing the same purchase lexapro generic thing for 50$, now you can give your project to him and keep the 50$ profit in your pocket.

Isn’t it Great?

giphy 2024

Just get projects and give them to some professionals and just take the profit without doing any task.

Top 5 things you must Remember Before Outsourcing Project

  1. Find some professional people for outsourcing projects.
  2. Always give them less time to complete the project because delaying order can decrease your reputation.
  3. Always keep in contact with a client and keep him updated with the latest work.
  4. Make a Long-term deal with Experts to save more money.
  5. Give them a bonus when they deliver quality work to boost their confidence in working with you.

How to earn without any Skills Online 

I have Used All these So I will tell you according to my own Personal Experience!

How to earn Without Skills?

There are a lot of Platforms where we can cash Skills.

But What if we don’t have any skills?

Still, can we earn?

Yes, Absolutely?


The answer is “By Cashing others Skills!”


Let’s suppose your Friends do Logo Designing ask him How much he will take for 1 Logo,

Now go to the online platform and get an order at a higher price,

Like if a friend is offering 5$ for 1 logo you can get the client on these platforms for 10$ or even more.

There are 100 of freelancing groups where you can find cheap service and sell them at a good price online.

Like Articles, Logo Designing, Video Editing, Backlink Service, etc

There is also another method, 

SEO clerks is a platform where people are offering services for 1$ too, so you can sell these service for 5$ on Fiverr.

so you will get 3$ profit approximately from this platform.

Same like that you can Get Fiverr service for 5$ and sell them at Upwork for more than 10 or 20$.

Some people are also getting backlinks cheaply and selling them at a Good price.

Skill Number 1 to earn Without Any Skills

Article Writing

Post in Groups that You Need article writer, and Ask them to comment down their Rate per word.

Now Pick 2,3 According to your choice which can provide Quality articles at a Good price!

Write Down their Price and Now think about the possible Price for your service on which you can get Orders as well.

Like you can easily get Writer for 1 Rs per word.

(maybe 0.5 too, because a lot of people struggling to get jobs so I have seen a lot of Good writers doing the job at this cost as well, No Offence to writers )

Remember: Quality is Key to get success in any business so Choose someone who can provide Quality

Now if you have a writer of 1Rs per words which mean 500 words cost you 500 Rs if you sell this service for 600 Rupees.

(at the start just to make your name by showing them Quality)

In my Experience when I have tried that trick I have offered free articles as well and in return got bulk of orders.

So you can use any kind of strategy.
If you want to increase your Profit !!!!

Here is another strategy

I will give you Article of 500 words + I will share articles in 10 FB groups and Google Plus Communities Free for you.

(Now with these additional services you can sell at 800Rs too.)

Remember Strategy is important, you have to think out of the box.

So Share your service in groups, on Online platforms, By advertising, or creating websites and using Google ads.

Still, I have students who are earning 1 Lakh per month by outsourcing Projects.

Skills Number 2 How to earn without any Skill

Guest Post

Guest Post is One of Easiest Service you can provide to anyone. How to do that if you don’t have any website?

Well as I have mentioned the topic is How to cash Someone else Skills so you got it right,

Post in any group of Facebook, that Anyone accepting Guest Post related Tech niche having Organic traffic more than 1K? I will provide the quality article.

(You can ask for a guest post related any niche)

I can guarantee you will get Response in comments,

Now collect the data from all websites.

Suppose 10 people want to give you Guest Post related Tech.

Now You can sell these Guest Post in any Group!

Service should be like ” I will provide 10 Guest Post related Tech Niche having 1K organic Traffic” 5$ per post. If you need Article written from my side I will charge 10$ for article extra.

So Now you have created 15$ opportunity.

What to do if you get Order?

Just ask the Persons who are interested to give you guest post and Provide them content by asking your writers.
Get 15$ instantly.

Suppose you cant get Response for the Guest post, You should give some money to people who are providing a Guest post like I will give 5$ for 1 guest post Related tech having Traffic More than 1K.

So now You can sell this guest post for 10$.

This is one of the easiest task, Lot of people are interested in a Guest post that’s why people are earning thousands of Dollars.

Another Method

You can check Fiverr, Here people are providing Guest post service for 5$ you can outsource their work on the different platform and when u get any order just ask order on Fiverr.

Important Note: Always check Website Authority and traffic from Ahref or Semrush / you can ask for Google analytics review Screenshot or video.

I have students who have sold 100$ guest post for 300$ and getting lot of customers through Google Ads Promotion.

So I hope If you start this one it can also give you good money.

Fiverr is also a great platform for a newbie, so if you are working on Fiverr or any other platform, you can outsource your projects. If you are new in Freelancing? Or want to start a Freelancing Career than reading a Complete detail How to Earn on Fiverr.

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