Why should people not install WordPress Nulled theme and plugin?

Why should people not install WordPress Nulled Theme and Plugins? this is the big question.

Everyone wants to create a Beautiful website and to do that we also required some WordPress Themes and Plugins, If you are new it is difficult for you to spend your money on these tools, so a lot of people try to get these theme and plugins from Free websites which provide Nulled Theme and Nulled Plugins.

Why should people not install WordPress Nulled theme and plugin

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What is the disadvantage of getting Nulled Themes?

This is one of a Serious topic that everyone should read because it can harm your website as well.

Before further discussing WordPress we will talk about What is WordPress?

What is WordPress?

WordPress is working as an open source and online web creation and designing tool. It is written in PHP script and language. According to people, it is the most common and easiest tool around the globe to customize the website with a different layout, themes, colors and functionality. You can start your own blogging and content management system stuff in just a few minutes.

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WordPress Themes

WordPress themes have the largest collection of customized and functionality based themes that you can install on your website to make your website look according to your choice. WP themes are a collection of layouts and files that will work in accordance to generate a user-friendly and graphical display with different/unique designs for web blogging site. Most WP themes are called WP templates. There are hundreds of website running over the internet that provide downloadable WP templates for bloggers.

WordPress Plugins

If you want to know what is WordPress Plugins then, here you can easily understand what does it mean and how does it work. It is a kind of software that contains a junk of functions that can be installed on a WordPress blogging website. Plugins are also written in PHP programming script and can only integrate with WP.

There are more than 29 thousand WP plugins according to 2016 statistics and now there are more than 46 thousands plugins in their including WP plugins database. But what if plugins and themes are null then what to do? How to avoid installing WordPress themes and plugins?

Why should people not install WordPress Nulled theme and plugin?

You must think, what are nulled themes and plugins? Nulled plugins and themes are duplicate and pirated copies of WP original and premium products. You should understand, why you shouldn’t use all these Nulled Themes and plugins.

Top 5 Disadvantages of Installing Nulled Themes and Plugins

There are following things you should keep in mind while installing nulled-themes and plugins. You must avoid for following things:

  • Security

It can be dangerous for Security purposes. They are having malware functionality in it. The nasty code can spread crosswise over various records to disguise itself which makes it difficult to identify and settle when your site is hacked.

Security 2024

  • Privacy

    Nulled WordPress Plugins, themes and modules can have diverse sort of lethal code covered up inside.

 Privacy 2024

  • Not Good for SEO

    Nulled WordPress subjects and modules can add spam connects to your site or capture your clients and divert them to terrible sites. You should invest a long time to recuperate your site’s SEO rankings. These exercises are difficult to recognize by human eyes as the connections are well covered up in the code.

Not Good For SEO 2024

  • No Legal License

    WordPress topics and modules routinely discharge updates to settle bugs, include new highlights, and close security issues. Nulled WordPress theme, Plugins and modules can’t get those updates since they don’t have a legitimate permit key.

Legal 2024

  • Documentation

    the most experienced WordPress clients require support and documentation to appropriately utilize premium WordPress topics and modules. Designers of these items invest a great deal of their energy in offering help and making documentation for their clients. So you will not get any support from the team if you have nulled theme or plugin.

Documentation 2024



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