Top 10 Tiktokers of Pakistan 2024 – You Should Follow (Updated List)

A lot of Pakistani Tiktokers are doing great work, but today we will find out the top 10 TikTokers of Pakistan 2024.

Tiktok is the most installed app in Pakistan this year, millions of Pakistani are daily watching TikTok nowadays, along with that we have seen many people providing great entertainment in Pakistan through TikTok. Let’s check out the Top 10 Famous and Popular TikTokers of Pakistan.
Top 10 Tiktokers of Pakistan 2020 - You Should Follow

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Top 10 Pakistani Tiktokers of 2020

Here is the list of Pakistan’s top 10 Tiktokers of 2024.


  1. Zulqarnain Sikandar

    Zulqarnain Sikandar is one of the most famous Tiktoker in Pakistan having 3 Million Followers and 123.2 Million likes. He is at Number 1 spot.

    Zulqarnain Sikandar Top 10 Tiktokers in Pakistan
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  2. Malik Usman

    Malik Usman ( famous asĀ  Molvi) is also one of the most favorite Tiktoker of Pakistan; he has 2.3 Million followers and 61 Million Likes, he creates funny videos.
    Malik Usman Tiktokers Pakistan

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  3. Sehar Hayat

    Sehar Hayat is Pakistan Number 1 female Tikokers; her smile is the reason people love her videos; she has 2.9 million followers and 47 million likes.
    Sehar Hayat Pakistani Tiktoker
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  4. Jannat Mirza

    Jannat Mirza has the most number of followers in her account; she has got 3.7 million followers and 41 million likes, she is 20 years old from Faislabad. Jannat Mirza is also studying along with creating some most entertaining videos.
    Jannat Mirza Pakistan Tiktoker
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  5. Tauqeer Ahmad as Pholloo

    Tauqeer Ahmad famous as Pholloo is one of Pakistan’s best Tiktoker because of his simplicity and unique videos, he has got 2 million followers and 54 million likes. 31-year Tauqeer Ahmad has already become the star of Pakistan with his unique comedy videos.
    Pholoo Tauqeer ahmad Tiktok
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  6. Hamayun Awan

    Hamayun Awan Known as Daddu Awan is Pakistan’s best TikTok creators if you watch all his videos, he is the only TikToker in Pakistan who creates unique and original content. Which makes him best among all. He has 300K followers and 8 million likes.
    Daddu Awan Tiktoker
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  7. Balli Squad

    Baali Squad is also famous for creating amazing Funniest content, Balli Squad consists of 4 people, they are also one of the most famous Squad in Pakistan. They have 460K followers and 7 million likes.
    Balli Squad Tiktok Pakistan
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  8. Kanwal Aftab

    Kanwal Aftab from Lahore is also one of the Favourite TikToker, due to his cute smile, people love her videos. She has got 2.5 million followers and 28 million likes.
    Kanwal Aftab tiktok Pakistan
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  9. Alishbah Anjum

    She is also one of Most Prettiest and Talented Tiktokers; she has got 3 million followers and 37 million Likes.
    Alisbha Anjum Pakistan Tiktok
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  10. Harris Awan

    Harris away from Lahore is also one of the Great actors, he has created more than 900 videos and got 1.3 million followers.
    Harris Ali Tiktok Pakistan
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