Top 10 Weird and Funny Popular Websites will Make you Laugh

Are you searching for the Funny and Weird Websites on the internet? If yes then great, you came at the right place Weird and Funny Websites are proven to be beneficial in dropping the burden of the work, to relax the mind and sometimes to promote you to smile. Well, I must say that there are over 2 million Weirdwebsites on the internet yet these are also funny and you know what, a majority of the people also migrate towards these kinds of websites.

The Internet resembles the huge jungle where several trees meet with many other organisms, and it’s exclusively up to you to choose which site you need to have look. There are many sites where you can get important data about numerous things and huge amounts of information covered with funniness and stimulation. Obviously, there are numerous different destinations that hide the darker and sometimes even produce the sinister effects. Some of these Wired Websites will make you laugh, some may damage you, and some may even reason you to think.

Hey, are you tired and willing to have some funny, mysterious, un-natural, and us-usual experience of the life then? I should guide that you must also move to the Funny and weird websites like 750 million other people. The weird websites will introduce the wonderful change in your life; let you have something special, strange and unnatural in the life. I myself also visit these websites daily in order to have a small break in the daily routine and yes, I learn too from these websites.

Well, you can easily find the Weird Websites on the Internet, but I can guarantee you that the websites which I am going to enlist are purely wired. If you are searching for The Weirdest Website to follow up the, check the list you will get the best for you. These will inspire you also in any case.

So, here is the List of the Weird Websites:

Top 10 Weird and Funny Popular Websites will Make you Laugh


Crazy website Clever Bot

Clever Bot is the most interesting website and yes, it is my favorite one, you won’t get bored ever. Cleverbot utilizes a computerized intelligence calculation to have discussions with people. Simply begin talking with the application; you will be dumbfounded by the appropriate responses of this website’s application. You can run talking with application till when you want without getting exhausted. Well, whenever I feel tiredness I used to visit this weirdest site on the internet. I share which I think to this application and yes it’s true that I don’t get the best answer to my questions but really feel pleased and enjoy it. You must also try the application; here is the link for you:

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  1. Zombo:

crazy website Zombo

It’s an interesting website, it comprises of the Blank page, with the brilliant title, and the Flash animation of seven colorful circles. The site additionally contains the audio clip, in which a man welcomes the guest to “Zombo com” repeatedly with more energetic voice each time. This is one of the funniest websites.

After some time, the sign-up option for a newsletter demonstrated. This is a continuation of the joke as it is really a short connect to It tells the visitor that this specific option is not accessible. After this, you will receive the newsletter with the awesome message as I got! Well, if you really want to get that message then, you have to follow the link:

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Weird Funny Falling website

Falling Falling, it is among the Top 10 Weirdest Websites accessible on the web. The site demonstrates a protest which continues falling down in an interminable circle and never achieves its end, it just continues falling down.

When I feel anxiety, I used to visit the website, as this comprises of the falling down sheets with the music, it sometimes just makes me sleep, and I feel relaxed. You must also visit; here is the link for you;

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Weird BuzzFeed Web

Buzz Feed is the well-known site, it produces day by day content, in which crafted by contributors, staff correspondents, and cartoons specialists. This is among the Top 10 Weirdest Websites contains content like articles, videos, and quiz basically. Each year, Buzz Feed erased more than 4000 early posts, “obviously because, as time passed, the posts looked ridiculous, stupid and of no use”.

Buzz Feed reliably positioned at the highest point of NewsWhip’s “Facebook Publisher Rankings” from December 2013 to April 2014. Go to this site and get that what is being happened in the world right now. You will also find different strange and funny articles with all the Weirdest Pictures on the Web. You must visit the site; here is the link for you:

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Cute Website Why my son crying

Reasons my son is crying, it is the Top Weirdest Website, is basically a forum site which contains pictures and recordings sent by parents to show that why their kids are crying. This is extremely valuable for inexperienced parents they must visit the site and should avoid those things that hurt their kids. Well, the good thing is this that anybody on this earth can post here to let others know what their children dislike.

If you want to post any content like this then here is the link for you:

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These above Top Five Weird Websites are mine favorite.


  1. 100,000 STARS:

Stars Website

This is one of the Top ten weird websites and is fully loaded with the deep thoughts. It deals with the idea of the graphically representing universe. It demonstrates the galaxy, the piece of the universe only by utilizing stellar information. The site helps in enlightening that how small the human’s tensions are, after by watching the huge galaxy.

You must realize it also as I have done. So, here is the link for you,

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Funniest Website

It is among the Weirdest Websites and funny at the same time. On this site, you will see many funny and viral videos, yet it blends them with the solid measurements of unique substance from popular comedians also. The site was made by Will Ferrell, Adam McKay, and Chris Henchy. Well, there you will find the option after watching the video to vote it as funny or it must die.

If you want to watch these viral videos then, must visit: VISIT NOW


Awkward Family Photo Weird Web

In my view, this is the Weirdest Website created for you, me and all of us. As the name suggests that is an images site on the internet, the combination of random family photographs which look as ungainly and odd as they could. The content is for the most part presented by the members of the site and uploaded, after the confirmation checking done by its owner.


I was totally unable to stop my laugh after watching all the photos of different families. If you want to laugh you must also visit the site here is the link for you;


You can also post your family photos here, but before this, you will be asked for the membership.


Sort by dislike crazy web

This is The Weirdest Site on the Internet you will see. SORT BY DISLIKE, it is a site which offers channel seeking of the most disliked videos on the YouTube. The site has different categories as well. Some categories are, “The extremely hated channel on this earth”, “the video that obtained a lot of dislikes”. It is unquestionably something that would enable you to kill some time and furthermore improve your YouTube learning. Sort by Dislike is one of The Top Ten Weirdest Website and an extremely helpful apparatus for the new YouTubers. Well, I have added the channel which I didn’t like, also got the idea about that, and if you dislike any channel and want to add it here then, must visit:

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Horror website Death Date Fun

People say that Death Date is the Weirdest Internet Site, well, have you ever thought about how much time is left for you in the world? This website will answer this unanswerable question, isn’t it amazing?

When you go to this site you will be asked some basic questions. You just need to enter your general data and be straightforward whether you drink alcohol, cigarettes or take drugs (or each of the three). After this, you will get the date of the death.

The odd thing is that it’s not arbitrary. I tried to revive the page and it gave me the same date again and again! The site additionally demonstrates the percentage of your life that you have passed. I must say that this is the weirdest web to visit on the internet, I have tried this and thank God there is much time left to my death. You must also try this:

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If you feel bored and tired, and want something unusual on the internet then, must visit the above-mentioned websites, these are the funniest and yes, Top 10 Weirdest Websites on the internet.

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