Top 10 Shocking Websites to share with Friends

Do you want to shock your friends? Haha, Today I will tell you Top 10 Shocking websites that can Make your friend Scream! Watch out One of the best lost for Shocking Websites.

There are hundreds and thousands of websites on the internet, some of them are very useful and interesting but very different compared to others, These top 10 shocking websites are one of them. as they all are a great source to scare the shit out of your friend. Don’t afraid to watch this list, because it’s not too much horrifying but you would love to share with friends.

List of Top 10 Shocking Websites


This website is run by a girl who encourages starving in order to lose weight. She tries to portray an image of how important it is to be anorexic to look attractive of beautiful. She shares her story and motivates readers to follow her steps. Now, this kind of approach is very wrong and harmful to human health. Size doesn’t matter, health does. Anorexic bodies are prone to health diseases. To lose weight one should follow a healthy diet and workout regime.

  1. Human leather

This is an online shopping website that sells leather made up of human skin. Yes! You heard it right. Instead of using the animal skin to make goods like shoes and wallets, Humans donate their skins to make leather off of it. This is so bizarre because humans are sent in this universe to provide to this world and its people. And there are hundred other ways to do that besides donating your skin.

  1. Plane Crashing Info

As the name suggests, this website provides information regarding plane crashes and what actually happens during a plane crash. This website would scare people away from flying in airplanes because of the terrifying details it provides.

  1. Account Killer

It is a website that is used to delete the account of any social media like Facebook, Twitter, just go to the website and enter the link to account that you want to delete.

  1. The Fifth Nail

It is a blog that is managed by a serial killer. He shares his life stories in this blog. It promotes illegal activities due to which it is considered a shocking website.


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  1. Sort by Dislike

This website is based on Dislike, it contains videos that are being most disliked by people. There are also different categories and if you dislike any video you can also add here. this one is great to kill the boredom.

  1. Death List

Players of this website predict the year in which certain celebrities would die and if they are right they will be awarded points.

  1. 1000 Stars

This website is one of the best websites because here you can see the visual of stars and universe which make us think deeply about the universe you will love this website do visit it.

stars shocking websites

  1. Cannibalism

This website is for people who want to eat human meat. Cannibals interact with each other and decide to meet up and do what they are best at (Eating human flesh).

  1. The Church of Euthanasia

This website discourages overpopulation by encouraging suicide, cannibalism, sodomy etc.

There are a lot of shocking websites on the internet but the above-stated website is the top ten shocking websites that really disturbs a human brain to a whole new level.



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