Top 10 Bloggers in Pakistan & Earnings | 2024 Updated List

Out of thousands of Pakistani Bloggers, these are the Top 10 Bloggers in Pakistan ( Latest 2024 Ranking ) that are making a positive impact in Pakistan through their Blogging. Check Top 10 Famous Bloggers in Pakistan of 2024 and their Blogs.

Thousand of talented People are working as bloggers, after researching blogs I have concluded Top 10 Bloggers of Pakistan 2024.

Pakistan has produced many talented people over the past 5 years due to the progress in the IT field, along with that we have seen many young energetic people coming in Blogging field with their Hard work. I have tried my best to sort out the most famous and top Bloggers of Pakistan who have worked hard and should be on the 2024 famous Pakistani Bloggers list.

Top 10 Bloggers in Pakistan


The blog is a digital portal that facilitates you in publishing your ideas, your passion, and your content on the web. Blogging is emerging as the most growing profession in Pakistan for the past few years. So let’s check our famous Bloggers who have been featured in our 2024 Bloggers list.

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Top 10 Bloggers in Pakistan 2024 – Updated List

We have created this Top 10 Bloggers in Pakistan list after checking Alexa Rating and Blog earning via SEMrush and some other factors based on their work in providing Trainings in Pakistan.


  1. Syed Moiz Balkhi

Syed Moiz Balkhi Blogger in Pakistan

Syed Moiz Balkhi is a young 23-year-old Pakistani-American award-winning entrepreneur with the majority of online businesses, including marketing, entrepreneurship, blogging, and social media work. He is famous for his website WPBeginner which is the largest free WordPress resource site. He has also created popular plugins like OptinMonster and also co-founder of List 25. He is also featured on many top websites like Yahoo, Mashable, Business Insider, Huffington Post, and many more. He is Number 1 in my list of top 10 Bloggers in Pakistan for the year 2024.

One of his Quote that motivates me to learn more and more

Perfection is a Curse,

Innovation is Messy,

Learn & Improve

He is an Idol for young bloggers to follow if they want to be successful in the blogging field.

Blog Ranking & Blog Earning

  • Blog’s Alexa ranking is 4300+.
  • Wp-beginner income is about $20,000/- per month.


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 Famous Blog: 



  1. Amir Atta

Amir ata Top Pakistan blogger

Amir Atta is a highly known blogger and famous for his website which is purely a Telecommunication based website. His website provides news, resources, and tutorials regarding the latest IT trends in Pakistan. Pro Pakistan has changed its website Layout and Design, and Now with Green Moon and star, it’s looking more of the Pakistani Style website. Pro Pakistani is now also covering, Business, Sports, Lifestyle-related Topics. Pro Pakistani is one of my best Websites, which I do visit daily. A lot of Pakistan still visits such a quality news website daily. If you want to follow any tech blog in 2024 this one should be top of your list.

Blog Ranking & Blog Earning

  • Alexa ranking is 9,149.
  • Alexa Pakistan’s ranking is 80.
  • Total backlinks are 960+.
  • Income is about $9000/- per month.
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 Famous Blog: Pro Pakistani 




  1. Muhammad Mustafa Ahmadzai

mustafa Ahmedzai Popular Bloggers in Pakistan

Mustafa Ahmadzai stepped has successfully run his three blogs and has also registered his own blogging company named as STC Network. His popular blog is He developed some new things for the blogging community, like blogger widgets and templates. He has completed his study from NED University lived in Karachi. He is at number 3 in the 2024 famous Pakistani Bloggers list.

Blog Ranking & Blog Earning

  • Mybloggertricks is ranked at 31,399 (Alexa) all over the world.
  • Pakistan Ranking is 399.
  • Total Backlinks are 4935.
  • Income is $5000 to $10000.
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 Famous Blog: MyBloggerTricks 



  1. Shahzaib ul Hassan


Shahzaib Ul Hassan Top Blogger in Pakistan

Shahzaib Ul Hassan is one of Famous Pakistani Top Blogger &  Fiverr Community Leader of Pakistan. He had 12 year of Experience in IT industry, Born in Multan, Shahzaib Ul Hassan has started his career in 2009, He has also arranged many skill base seminars in Pakistan as well . He had trained more than 20K+ Students online through different Platform, He has experience of Working with PITB Erozgaar Project as well where he has trained hundred of students.

Guest speaker at Extreme Commerce

The Most Famous blog of Shahzaib Ul Hassan is  ShazzSEO, where you can see top quality articles related to SEO guidance and Freelancing guidance. He is also working on Many Projects like Otrainings, PakistanRanking, and Shspot, which are the most worthwhile projects for the upcoming generation. I am so lucky to have him as my mentor, and that’s a proud moment for me to write something about him. He is a Very Humble and Down to earth Personality. He has made his name among the top bloggers of Pakistan with his dedication and commitment.

Read More : About Me 

Blog Ranking & Blog Earning

  • ShazzSeo is ranked 131,399 (Alexa) all over the world.
  • Total Backlinks are 5935.
  • Income is $5000 to $10000.
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 Famous Blog: ShazzSeo 



  1. Abdul Wali

abdul wali blogger in Pakistan

Abdul Wali started his blogging career in 2010 and is presently running several tremendously successful websites on the internet. He was born in the Federally Administrated Areas of Pakistan called “FATA” on 6th May 1988.  His popular blog is He is an SEO Consultant, Web Developer, passionate blogger, marketer, online instructor, and mentor who provides help to people through SEO Consultancy and Web development. He is a top instructor at Udemy. He is at number 5 in the top 10 Bloggers in Pakistan List of 2024.

Blog Ranking & Blog Earning

  • Alexa ranking is 37,00.
  • Alexa Pakistan’s ranking is 400.
  • Total backlinks are 299.
  • Income is $6000/- per month.
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 Famous Blog: Online Ustad 



  1. Ali Raza

Ali raza Blogger in Pakistan & Earning

Ali Raza is one of the Top & Best Digital Marketers from Pakistan due to his passion & hard work. I mostly talk about digital marketing, brand building, business and do some tutorials and product reviews. He is Google & Microsoft Advertising expert with years of experience in Internet Marketing, Social Media and Blogging.

Blog Ranking & Blog Earning

  • Alexa ranking is 228,642
  • Income is 1000$ to $6000/- per month.
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 Famous Blog: Aliraza  



  1. Hassam Ahmad Awan

Hassan Ahmad Awan Pakistan Blogger latest list

Hassam Ahmad blogs about tutorials regarding Blogger Widgets, WordPress, Search Engine Optimization, and Making Money Online. He lives in the beautiful city of Pakistan, “Islamabad.”  He provides his viewers with useful strategies for making money and getting a job online. You can also check out his Ebook related Backlinks. A lot of people love Hassam Vlogs nowadays, with much quality and valuable content.

Blog Ranking & Blog Earning

  • Alexa ranking is 37,915.
  • Alexa Pakistan’s ranking is 952.
  • Total backlinks are 358.
  • Income is about $5000/- per month.
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 Famous Blog: BloggingeHow 



  1. Muhammad Ismail

Muhammad Ismail Pakistan Famous blogger

Muhammad Ismail, from KPK, is an active professional blogger who is running his blog who shares product reviews, the best news, technologies behind Android apps, smartphones, and games along with providing tactful solutions to Android related problems. He has also a Blog called “IsmailBlogger.” He is also a trainer at Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Information Technology Board – KPITB.
He is at number 8 in Pakistan’s top 10 Bloggers list 2024.

Blog Ranking & Blog Earning

  • Alexa ranking is 137,915.
  • Total backlinks are 358.
  • Income is about $1000/- per month.
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 Famous Blog: IsmailBlogger 



  1. Ahmad Awais

Ahmed Awais Pakistan famous blogger

Ahmad Awais is an experienced Pakistani blogger with his blog His blog is about his Open Source Contributions, business stability, the products he creates along with fitness, and interviews. He is also working with advertising brands like Warid Telecom and is much successful in his blogging profession.

Blog Ranking & Blog Earning

  • Alexa ranking is 27,915.
  • Alexa Pakistan’s ranking is 952.
  • Total backlinks are 398.
  • Income is about $5000/- per month.
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 Famous Blog: Freakify 



  1. Taimur Asad

Taimur Asad Pakistan Famous blogger


Taimur Asad is a brilliant blogger with his popular blog The blog revolves around technology news and product reviews. He is earning almost 24 thousand dollars every month, making himself popular enough to mark his name in the list of successful bloggers.

Blog Ranking & Blog Earning

  • The blog is ranked in the top 4000+ across all sites over the globe.
  • Alexa Ranking is 2000.
  • Earning is round about $10,000/- per month.
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 Famous Blog: Redmondpie 


How Much Bloggers earn in Pakistan?

Average income of a Blogger is around 1000$ to 10,000$ in Pakistan depending on their niche. Lot of people are making more than 1 million Pakistani rupees from their blog.

Which Website is Best for Blogging in Pakistan is best for newbies to start their Blogging career, Here you can get step by step guide to create a website and learn to rank website as well. All other websites mention in this article are also good for beginners to learn blogging.

Who is Pakistan No 1 Blogger?

Shahzaib Ul Hassan is Pakistan No 1 Blogger, having a experience of 12 years, he had trained more than 20 thousand Pakistani through different Platforms like Erozgaar, Otrainings, Pro Trainers and collaborating with other Digital tech Companies, He has also trained me in SEO field and i am right now earning more than 3 to 4 Lakh Pakistani Rupee from my Single Blog. There are many other Pakistani bloggers but i have listed Shahzaib Ul Hassan as Pakistan No 1 Blogger because He is my mentor.


How to Become a Blogger in Pakistan?

to Become Blogger in Pakistan, You need to create a Blog and share your knowledge through it, if you need step by step guide you can check this Article
Become a Blogger in Pakistan Easily


How to Feature in Top 10 Bloggers List?

These are top 10 Bloggers in Pakistan of 2024, making our country proud if you think anyone else would be listed in this list, let us know in the comment section I will try to add him/her in this list after checking their website according to our rules. The people i have added in the Top 10 Bloggers list of Pakistan due to their devotion and Hardwork. I hope the new Young generation will follow these and I would love to feature new bloggers on my website as well.


Alexa Ranking:  Alexa ranking can’t define who is really working hard, in their particular field, if there is anyone who you know is working hard, Message me I would love to add. We also do consider their work of providing knowledge in this field.

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