Mystery of Ranking Fiverr Gigs Revealed – Start Getting Tons of Orders Now

Hi, Ranking on Fiverr is not so difficult if you follow these simple steps you can Rank any Fiverr Gigs, but before that let me tell you why I am sharing that method.

Let’s Reveal the Mystery of Ranking Fiverr Gigs – To be Top Rated Seller

Mystery of Ranking Fiverr Gigs Revealed - Start Getting Tons of Orders Now

Recently a few weeks ago I posted in Fiverr group that if you have any question regarding Fiverr or if you need any help to get orders message me,  I will try my best to help you and identify the mistakes why you are not getting orders.

So I got a lot of messages, I have divided these messages into three categories. People complaining we have tried everything, but we are not getting orders from months.

  • Category A: Lot of people complaining we have tried everything, but we are not getting orders from months.
  • Category B: Even some people said maybe it’s difficult for a newbie to establish Freelancing career on Fiverr because now people prefer Top-rated sellers or those who have good reviews.
  • Category C: Some people said we have a lot of professional skills still we are not getting orders.
  • Category D: We got 2,3 orders at the start, but now we are not getting orders.

Jokes apart but all these questions are valid.  Maybe you are also one of this category that’s why you are here.

Today I am telling you easiest method to rank your gigs on Fiverr.Lazy person stay away Lol 😀

Just suppose you want to rank your Fiverr Gig of Local Citation Service.

What you need to do is first search on the Search bar of Fiverr by typing Local Citation as you can see in a picture below.

Fiverr Search bar


after writing just press enter button now, you will see all the Gigs related Local Citation.



“Here is the tricky part.”

Just convert yourself into a Buyer here. Just suppose now you are a buyer and you have to buy citation service.  You will now start checking different Gigs because you want to spend your 5$ on best Service.

Fiverr Gigs List

Here you have to choose top 3 Gigs and after that open all of them.

Take a Paper and Write all key points that why you choose these 3 Gigs in your top 3 list.

Write all points that are attracting you.

  • The first thing that will attract is the Feature image of the Gig or Video.
  • 2nd Thing is Title of the Gig which has a strong effect if you use it properly.

Let’s check out example

gig 2 Gig 1

I like these Three Fiverr Gigs. 


If you look at First Gig,

gig 2

The seller use one very attractive keyword ” Canada ” here, which are like All others Gigs are not important if you are Canadian. Well as I am Pakistani and if I need citation service its obvious that I will choose gig which has to word Pakistan in it.

Why this seller using Canada Word? 

According to research, most orders on Fiverr came from the USA, Canada, and Australia.

Seller has used word Canada because he knows by using this word he can attract clients from Canada easily.

So if you use a word like Canada, Australia, and the USA, it will be a bonus to attract buyers from here.


Now Check Gig 2 

Gig 1

Here You can see Seller write I will give 200 Live Google Map Citation.

Well, here the important things which I want to highlight are the Word  “Live “and the figure 200.

These two are making a high-impact as most people don’t know about citation they only focus on words, so these 2 words are attracting clients because the figure is also high and the word Live is also attracting.

“its like OMG citation will be live…well other are not providing live, and he will provide 200 that’s impressive I must buy this. “

Now check out Gig number 3 

This person providing 300 Manual Citations, but the best things is that Here you can see the word ” Manual “

Which is like Winner over others Gigs.

So if you check out all Fiverr Gigs, these all are attracting clients through some attractive keywords and images.

So Images and Titles influence a user to click on your Gig.

Now the 2nd Part start.

You need to check all your top 3 Gigs and write main points of their description that are attractive include all of these in your Gigs.

Also use Attractive keywords.

After creating Fiverr Gigs with this method Follow our Tips How to Get more Orders on Fiverr & Top 10 Factors

If you don’t know ABCD of Fiverr, I recommend you to read this.

Earn from Fiverr 200$ Monthly- Fiverr Tips

If you need any further assistance kindly comment below, I will try my best to help you.



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