how to Earn Money from Google at Home | Perfect Guide

Every one of us wishes to have a side business or source that can enable us to pay some of our utility bills and mobile expenses. The trend of online working has been significantly increased, and people are earning millions through it. if you are really looking to earn a passive income and are in research of some legit ways, then we may help you in this. Today I will tell you how to earn money from Google at Home. You often heard about the AdSense, that is indeed a great platform for the people to work as part-time, and earn handsome amount through it. Here is a comprehensive guide that will provide you a complete guide to know-how about AdSense, processes, payment methods and requirements.

how to Earn Money from Google at Home Perfect Guide

What is Google AdSense and how can it start generating money | at Home :

A Google AdSense can be defined as the free service that Google provides to the publishers in order to monetize their website content. The publisher can be anyone who has the website, YouTube channel, or the other legit property. In my opinion, it is the most convenient way of monetizing content, and see the money that will be coming to you, without doing any hard work.

Why AdSense has gained the popularity:

  • It’s super easy to use, does not require any complication, or technicality to earn from it.
  • All you need is the accurate configuration, and then you can sit back to make money through it.
  • Payment is always made on time, and you will never get worried about scamming.

How to start:

Initiating the process is simple, all you need is a blog or youtube channel to gain the approval from the Adsense account. Creating Google Adsense Account is Easy.

And once you have successfully made the account, google ads will automatically start displaying in your content. when the reader clicks on those ads, you will get paid for it. The higher will be traffic the more income you can generate from the AdSense.

Once you’ve got the successful configuration, your ultimate mission should be the more traffic.


The process seems to be easier, but always remember the google has maintained the high quality, and once you try to ask your few friends and family to click on those ads, it will lead you towards canceling your AdSense account, and once its rejected, it often becomes difficult to get back the account.

Make money on adsense

How much Money you can earn from the Adsense:

People are earning hundreds of dollars from AdSense while starting will be difficult, but once you step into it, you will see that how easy you can make money. And there are hundreds of people showing their income proof, as it is the safest platform with the minimal chances of scamming.

Two ways to earn From Adsense

There are 2 ways to earn from Google.

  • Website
  • Youtube

The first thing we need to create a website or to create a Youtube channel in order to get Adsense approved. So first we will see How to start a website.

Starting a Blog on Blogspot:

It is absolutely free blogging platform, and you can create your own website by wasting minimal energy and time as well. It requires you 10 minutes, here are some essential aspects you need to know before starting:

Select a domain name:

You need to select the domain name, that is more appropriate and easy to use, in the Blogspot it will appear like blog Always try to have a name that is easy to understand and pronounce.


Start with a topic on which you have a strong grip, like if you are good at writing about technology, fashion, market trends you can select any one of it but make sure the words are more than 500+, and it should consist of some images as well. Writing on such platforms is easy.

Niche is Most Important Part, Decide it wisely.


Selecting the more appropriate designs:

When you write your first blog, you see that some basic template designs are offered on Blogspot, but to gain a more professional look, you can always select the third parties designs for it.
If you are creating a Website on WordPress you can get professional WordPress themes from Theme-Forest too.


Create adsense now

A complete guide that will show you to start a Free Blog on Blogspot:

The guide is for those that want to start their websites that are powered by the WordPress, people who have prior experience working in online will know that more than 22% websites are powered by it, it is super easy and user-friendly platform for all the people.

Domain name and hosting is somehow challenging for the people for the first time, but WordPress will help in this regard for newbies as well. There is a complete guide to Website creation from basic to advance you can read on my website.

Youtube Earning from Adsense

you can also earn through YouTube by uploading videos and attaching Adsense with it, Remember you need to get Adsense for Youtube separately in order to earn.

 “Youtube Adsense is Called Hosted Adsense, Website Adsense is Non Hosted Adsense”

Creating a Free YouTube Channel, and start uploading the original and unique videos:

It is also the easiest way of earning by AdSense as most of the people are not good at writing and they prefer something where they can record or make some videos, if you find it better suited for you, you can opt for it, and start making money online.

Creating a channel on youtube:

You can create your own channel from the youtube its free, and don’t require any money for the registration or any additional charges. You can use your mobile or camera to record the videos and use video and editing tool for this purpose like Camtasia to generate better videos.

There are many girls who are uploading videos related to fashion, makeup tutorials, cooking, designs, while male go for the sports or any relevant industry they are good at, people watching the videos about every category and niche.

Once you have successfully uploading he quality video for 4-5 times, then sooner you will start earning from each of your uploading videos.

What is the next step, if you have successfully gained the web property:

Once you have created any of the above methods for the web, then the next step is to have the AdSense account.

The most important point is to get the approval from the google, and it could only be gained if you are committed and determined with your web property, you can get the approval after a week, and can be paid handsomely with it. it’s easy to get Youtube Adsense but difficult to get Non-Hosted Adsense Account.

Applying for the AdSense – Useful Tips:

Filling out the AdSense form correctly is what you are supposed to do next. Before applying for the Adsense account keep in mind these our Top tips for Adsense  You can have the tutorials on our site, that how you can fill it correctly.

it is not necessarily that you get immediate approval after applying, you can get rejected much time, but stay determined and find out the mistakes you are making in each application, so next time the chances get minimal. Its quite harder for the newbie to get the approval for the very first time, as Google only permits the valuable publisher who seems determined and consistent, and publishes the legit content on regular basis.

What to do next, when my application gets approved from the AdSense:

The happiness you feel when you get your first dollar from the Adsense is priceless, you feel that you have finally stepped into the amazing world, where you will start making money by just staying at home.

Your next mission should be to have the maximum traffic, that will ultimately boost your income. The ad placement and targeting high CPC keywords will also be a great source of your earning, and it will motivate you to create more niche based sites, that are more profitable.

Finally got adsense


You can definitely join the venture and start earning money through it, as millions of the people are already working and earning hundreds of dollars on daily basis, you can step into the world, and start earning or be like those who wait for the magic to happen. Remember it’s not difficult to earn through Adsense if you follow all the rules carefully. Best of luck.

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