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Which Niche to Choose? Best Niches for Website for 2024

Many people confuse What is niche? Why do we need to create niche Website? There are many questions about Niche website but today I will try my best to clear all your misconception about niche and give you perfect guide to select Best niche Website.

So the First Question is

What is niche website?

A niche website is generally focused on specific topic or Keyword (Category).

Still, it’s confusing? 

Don’t worry,

Let’s learn it through an Example

Let’s suppose you want to Create a website on Hairstyle. So Your topic is Now “Hair Style”.

But as I have told you in the definition of Niche website it is a specific topic, but the Topic Hairstyle contains lot of different topics.
Different topic like it can be hairstyle for women, Girls, babies, men or boys all of this topic can be included in topic “Hairstyles”

Which mean Hairstyle is not specific topic So what we need?

We need to find a Specific topic in this Field of Hairstyles.

To Make it specific Let’s try again.

“Hairstyle for Boys”

Now we have made it more specific because we are focusing on just Boys hairstyles.

But remember the More specific topic you will choose it would be easy for you to get ranking quickly and rank.

So let’s make it more specific,

Hairstyle for boys in UK,

Now I have selected UK audience only which mean we are only competing with people who are working for hairstyles of Boys and that too in the UK. As you know the competition will decrease because not everyone is working on this specific topic.

So by Selecting specific topic you can decrease the competition and rank your website easily.

How to choose Niche

Why Do we Choose Niche?

By Choosing Best niche mean always choose a Specific topic which has less competition and Good searches, so it will be easy for you to rank.

Biggest Mistakes for Choosing Niche

A lot of people start doing business in the High CPC without having knowledge about that Niche. Which is wrong, because just suppose you had selected a niche “Health, ” and you don’t know ABCD of Health, you can’t write articles on this niche then you will get nothing.



Because Google loves Quality content and you can provide Quality content when you have command on that.

So always choose a niche in which you have expertise.

It can be any topic, remember People on Google is searching for All topics which we can think of. But to help you with it, you can use Google Keyword Planner to know about the specific keyword that how many people are searching for that keyword.

The Most Common Mistake most Newbies do is that they try to cover all topics on one website, which is a very difficult task. If you are focusing on Minor Niche, then you can rank your website better because there is less competition.

If you can Rank only a single keyword and get 100 traffic in 1 month and providing something related to it for 27$ remember you can earn 2700$ just from 100 visitors.

So always choose a niche for which you have passion and you can talk about it consistently.


What is an advantage of a website on one niche and multiple topics?

This is one of common question, when I created my first blog I have entered all things on my single blogs like sports, tips, tricks, and different videos because it is easy for me to ménage all things on 1 website, but its bit confusing for visitors to get an idea purchase lexapro online what specifically they will get here on website because my website contains different categories.

So suppose on 1st January I have posted an article about Sports and on 2nd January I have posted about SEO, People having interest in Sports will leave my website just because having these things that they don’t want.  So it’s also a confused condition for visitors and difficult to rank because we are competing with all websites of every niche.

So I recommend you to target on one (specific Small) niche as its best for Ranking as well because Google loves it and it’s easy for visitors to understand what this website is all about.

If you are a billionaire and afford to invest on the website and hire teams for every category and can write hundred of post daily than you can make a website by targeting wide audience Like BBC News. But you need to do a lot of work to beat competitors by investing thousands of dollars.

Top 5 Tips For Selecting a Niche

Before Selecting any niche what you need to do

  • Check Niche by writing it on google search and read top 10 articles and ask yourself can you write better than that? Do you know better than them? If yes Go for it.
  • Always Make a Proper plan about a Niche that what you will write during 3 months, make a list of all topics related niche, you can get help from Google Key planner for that too.
  • Always check domain Availablity related your niche, Choose Perfect Domain according to niche.
  • Try to speak About the Niche with yourself and check yourself that you had enough knowledge about it.
  • Make sure, that you can work on this niche because you love it, not because you need to.

If you have still any question related Niche do ask me in comment section i will try my best to reply you As soon as Possible.

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  1. Informative as always.

    Just one question that can we make a high profile niche say “Fc Barcelona” but we change its name like ” Barcelona Pakistan” because no one actually has the website for our country region.

    Can it be useful or will it be a disaster?

  2. Do you mind if I quote a few of your articles as long
    as I provide credit and sources back to your site? My blog
    is in the very same niche as yours and my users would genuinely benefit from some of the information you
    present here. Please let me know if this
    okay with you. Cheers!

  3. Very informative article….. If I feel difficulty to select a single niche can I start a blog with different categories and later on after getting a response on a different niche can I convert same blog on a single niche?

  4. Hello ,
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