Fiverr Strategy to Outrank Experience Sellers and Get Tons of Orders on Fiverr

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Getting orders on Fiverr is Art!

A lot of people even know these things still fail to get Orders

1. Create Gig Title Attractive
2. Attractive Image.
3. Attractive and quality Description

(Everyone know about all these things still I have seen people struggling )

Getting Orders on Fiverr is Art.
If you have created your Gig on Fiverr by doing all the above steps, it’s not enough to get orders.

Because Let Suppose

You are offering an Article Writing Service!
( Giving this example because everyone knows about Article Service )

Now you have created a perfect Gig with Quality Title, Image, and Description. But do you know There are thousands of writers already doing the same?

(Lot of people even have Good reviews, So why people would order you instead of them?

Ask this question to yourself.

Fiverr Strategy to Outrank Experience Sellers and Get Tons of Orders on Fiverr

Fiverr Strategy to Outrank Experience Sellers and Get Tons of Orders on Fiverr

When I have started Freelancing this was the first question which was raised in my mind, and I was like I am too late to come on Fiverr because there are already tons of experts, and I don’t have any review, so it’s difficult to get orders.
I thought there would be any Strategy which I could use to beat these experts, but the question was How to Beat them.
(Recently in the area of Johar town there are two Burger shops, and I have seen the opening of 3rd Burger shop in the same area,
I was like He is dumb to open the 3rd shop of Burger in the same area, why would people go there, So the Next Day I have seen 100 of people at their Burger Shop, I was shocked and went there,
( Saw the Banner of 75% off on Burger for the First Week )
So, Nobody can say no to tummy when you are too much hungry at such a low cost!
So I have ordered their burger, and their service and taste were too good.
(Lol, I am not promoting any Burger shop, in the end, you will know why I am telling you this story )
So I have enjoyed their Burger at a discount rate for three times during the week, and when the offer ends, I had seen many people he left the previous Burger shops to order New shop burger at normal rates (When the offer ended).
Because their service has Quality and Taste and all things which were required.
So at Start, They have introduced a discount just to attract customer and show them their service quality.
Well, i he started to do the same , by offering lowest possible discount at start to show the quality of my service on Fiverr, and to be honest it worked and I got too many orders within the first month, after getting good reviews, I have changed the rates and due to my quality of work now I am getting orders continuously.
So it was the strategy according to my Service.
Same like that Make a Strategy,

Fiverr 3 things can outrank Experience Sellers

  • Lowest Price
  • Quick Delivery (24 Hours)
  • Extra Service (if they order one I will give you one Gig Service Free)
  • Provide Quality and Good communication, explain to them all things which you have done.
these are some good initial things to outrank any experience Seller on Fiverr.
Because nobody will order you (New Seller) until you will provide something extra.
At start Do the above things to get some reviews and then increase the price.
Make a strategy according to your service I hope it will help you. Thanks for reading such a lengthy article.
Best of luck, if you need any guidance Comment Down
Shahzaib Ul Hassan

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