Check Website SEO Audit Report in Chrome 65 (Rank by Fixing Issue)

Google Chrome has introduced new Chrome65 update, which contains many features but the highlight point was the SEO audit report they are providing with this latest chrome update.

Today when I was checking the website by inspecting elements I saw the info about this update.

chrome 65 SEO audit report

The Update contains these features

But the Highlight of this update was SEO Audit report, which I think provide more accurate results than any other software.

You can check your own website SEO audit report, isn’t it amazing?

How to check Website SEO Audit Report with Chrome 65

You can check SEO report on any website with chrome 65 with easy steps.

Let me tell you all steps.

  • First Open the website where you want to check website SEO report
  • Now Right Click here and Click on Inspect Element
    Inspect element chrome 65
  • Now at the upper bar, You can see Written Audits. click Here
    SEO audit bar
  • Now click on start, it will take 2,3 minutes to analyze.
    Perform an Audit
  • Finally, you will get most precise SEO report.
    Chrome 65 SEO audit Report

The advantage of Chrome 65 SEO Audit Report?

  • You can Check SEO report most precisely, it will give you most accurate information.
  • You can also check individual Error.
  • You can Easily fix these issues by checking info.
  • You can also download the report.


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