Top 10 Bizarre Websites on the Internet – Make you Feel Ugh

Today I will tell you about top 10 bizarre websites that you won’t believe still exist. In this century, everyone is addicted to the Internet. Some people are using it for business purposes, some people browse for social media networking and connecting with their loved ones. Every website running on the internet has a specific purpose or functionality behind its launch. But, there are some websites who don’t contain any purpose and provide useless and bizarre content on their website which has no specific aim to serve people. Websites that don’t hold any special but useless content are usually called as Bizarre Websites. Let’s discuss top 10 Bizarre Websites on the Internet.

Top 10 Bizarre Websites  – Must Visit Once

People always used to say that internet is somehow a wonderful and also a weird place. Good and functional websites show that how wonderful internet is, in contrast, bizarre websites shows that how weird internet is working. If you are in a mood to waste your precious time then you can browse for bizarre weird, which will discuss below in a drop-down list.

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A large group of people can’t control themselves to browse the bizarre website as they get joy in wasting time. There are top 10 websites that are providing wasteful material that attracts people. Let’s start discussing some bizarre websites that are wasting people’s time but people love them:

  1. The Collective Unconscious
    as this article is about weird and bizarre websites list, this one must be on the top of the list. This website holds a stopwatch and counts that how much time you have wasted here or how much time you have contributed here. At Collective Unconscious website, you can see every person’s contribution/total time he or she has wasted.
  2. The Useless
    Then here comes the, where its first page welcomes their visitors with a randomly generated useless websites every time visitors visits. It would be so natural to get snared and squander hours messing around on one futile site after another.
  3. Awkward
    This site grandstands the most irregular and most strange stock photos in presence. It truly influences you to ponder in what universe these photographs could ever be utilized. There’s likewise a specialist investigating a draw which would be fine if his head, hands, and feet weren’t made of leaves. What a pathetic way of wasting time!
  4. Channel Surfer Club
    Basically, it is a video surfing website which allows its visitors to watch videos. The site has a solitary video, which anybody can post. You can Connect or browse any YouTube video and it’s refreshed continuously for any individual who visits the site. In the event that another person changes the video, everybody gets the opportunity to watch that. Essentially, you “change the channel” for everybody. But still the same, what’s the purpose behind it?
    The site utilizes intuitive, computerized craftsmanship to express paranoid fears. For example, there’s a globe with logos from the world’s greatest organizations on it, for example, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and McDonald’s. When you look more than one of the logos it predicts the organization’s future end. The primary thing you will see with this site is the profoundly agitating music that will influence you to need to leave when it stacks up. Try not to leave however on the gardens that it is unusual yet attractive. This site is on the top amongst the oddest things you may ever observe.  
  6. Lone Comment
    This Lone Comment site gives you a chance to include one comment or remark that everybody who visits the site needs to see. Yet, this time, to include or change a remark, you have to pay cash. You will be thinking of paying what amount? More than whatever the last individual paid while commenting. So in the event that you have something essential to make your statement, raise the cost.
    It’s an intelligent workmanship venture that delineates the manner by which we dream. This site is still to a great degree unpleasant, however. Give it access to your webcam and amplifier and watch what happens when you kill the lights. The primary thing AnaSomnia will do is approach you for webcam get to yet don’t stress it doesn’t imply that there’s some person watching you someplace, it’s to do with the intelligent piece of the task. The site detects when you’ve turned the lights off and that is the point at which your fantasies become animated and it’s essentially mystical.
    The most pathetic website as they allow you to listen to the Wilhelm Scream. It might be the scream you may hear years before in the past. A sound you have heard many, ordinarily previously. It’s a sound clasp of a man shouting in irritation, which has been utilized as a part of 372 motion pictures and incalculable TV arrangement. Normally, the Internet needed to influence a web to a page devoted to it.
  9. Gravity Point
    Gravity is a cool logical law website. In any case, what’s significantly cooler is to play around with that law. In this little online analysis, you can include gravity focuses on various parts of the screen. And after that, you can increment or lessen the number of particles on screen to perceive how they connect with those gravity focuses. You’ll never become weary of this one.
  10. Alien
    Last but not least, this is one of the freakiest things you’ll ever hear about. This site is controlled by an organization called Alien Abductions Incorporated that furnishes clients with a genuine outsider snatching background. What you can purchase from these folks is a singular or gathering kidnapping or an entire end of the week withdraw at their Nevada Abduction Center. You can even get a bespoke administration in which you choose precisely what occurs amid your snatching.

These websites are only for time wasting purposes. The web builders aim to distract the visitors from active and productive things to the useless and fake material. There is a large number of websites launching over internet day by day. Dear readers, Do watch these websites once.

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