8 Tips on choosing a domain name | Most Important Tips of 2024

It’s important to choose the right name for your new business. I will tell you some most important tips of 2024 on choosing a domain name.

To create a website we need two essential things

  1. Domain
  2. Hosting

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What is Domain?

A lot of people don’t know a lot about the word domain , well let me tell you in an easy way Domain is the name of your website.

For example, if you invite your friend to your home, he will ask for a home address to come to your home, without an address he can’t come to your home, so whenever we want to visit any place we need an address.

Same as that when we need an address for our website so people can visit our website.

This address is called a domain.

Examples of Domains

  • shspot.com
  • facebook.com
  • youtube.com

These all are domain names.

The domain is consists of Name and Extension.

What is Domain Extension?

Domain Extension is actually the term used at the end of Domain.


  • .com for commercial
  • .org for Organization
  • .gov for Government
  • .pk,.in, .US are the Country Code Domain extension for their particular country.



The domain is consist of Name and Extension & the Address is consist of Prefix, subdomain, and domain

 Domain extension

Which domain extensions we should choose?

You can select domain extensions according to your website purpose. Let’s suppose if I am starting a non-profit organization then the best choice for me is to create a website with .org domain extension. If I want to target only single country like Pakistan, then I will purchase .pk or .com.pk extension because it will help to boost my SEO rank as it tells Google that this website is targeting Pakistan audience, so Google prefers it in search engine, so always be clever to choose a domain extension. Mostly if you don’t want to target specific local traffic, you should buy a Dot com domain.

Domain extension with their Purpose to Use

  • .com – commercial
  • .net – network
  • .edu – education
  • .gov – US national and government agencies
  • .mil – US military
  • .org – organization
  • .au – Australia
  • .in – India
  • .br – Brazil
  • .za – South Africa
  • .uk – United Kingdom
  • .us – United States of America
  • .pk – Pakistan






8 Tips on choosing a domain name | Most Important Tips of 2024

Your domain has an important role in ( SEO) Search Engine Optimization. Before registering a domain, there are few things you have to consider.

Short Domain Name

A shorter domain name is always better because it is easy to remember and it gives you a Brand Look.

If you see All Top Quality brands have short Name

  • Youtube
  • Facebook
  • Quora
  • WordPress

Keyword in Domain

Your domain must contain your main keyword.
( Suppose you are creating a website for Football so your main keyword is football, it would be great if you use that football word in the domain name).

Dot Com and Dot Net Better

I highly recommend a .com or a .net because of SEO. you can see people mostly use dot com or dot net domains.

Easy to Remember

Make the domain easy to remember. Having a short name is not easy but having a simple and easy to remember is recommended.
Like if your website name is 12fvw.com Now it is short but This name is difficult to remember for users.
So make your website name simple and easy to remember.

Don’t use Confusing Word

Don’t Use Confusing words like One or 1. If your website contains confusing words like 1spoon (dot) com now you can see this word 1 is confusing because people can write “One” instead of digit 1 and it will lead them to another website. So you can lose your visitors with confusing words.

Exact Match Keywords Domain

A domain like howtoearnonline.com is too long, even it’s exactly right to our target, onlinemoney.com is a much better domain, or .net if the .com isn’t available because it has a short name and it’s easy to remember short names.

Website for Specific Country

If you are creating a website for a particular country, then you need to get a domain for a specific country code.

“For example, you want to create a website for  the UK, then you would consider getting a UK domain extension (.co.uk), and if you are Pakistani and will be writing in National  language, then a Pakistani  domain extension (.com.pk) will be best for you. so this mean you will get the user from google.com.pk, and you will be ranked according to this country. If you want to target worldwide traffic, then .com or .net is the best. “

Check Domain Name Username is Available

Make sure the domain you are purchasing is available on a Top social network. To make it simple, I will explain you with an example.

Suppose you are buying the website shahzaib.com so what you need to do is check on Facebook and Twitter that the username shahzaib is available or not.

Because if it’s not available and someone is using a username exactly as your domain then it would be not good for your website. A person having a username can misguide about your domain too, so be careful.”

Domain Misguide

Now see this Twitter username Shazzseo, if someone has already the username shazzseo on Social media then you should not make website with such a name. because suppose someone will create shazzseo.com and he has not controlled of that username on social media than that Social media Person can mislead your visitor.

So Always Check Username on

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google Plus
  • Instagram

You can Check weather the website is available for registration or not on Godaddy.com 

If you have any question regarding this article, comment below I will help you.

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  1. Excellent. Informative.

    But i have a question, do we have to buy Hosting same like domain too? Say, domain costs $2, will it contain free hosting or what?

    • Hosting is actually a space where you place all files of your website…it is linked with domain (Address).
      you can buy hosting from other source to suppose you have purchased domain from source Godaddy and got a hosting from another source suppose Bluehost, you can link both domain and hsoting. no matter which source you have bought them.

  2. from where to buy share hosting that should be cheap fast reliable and with unlimitted bandwith and data transfer. some companies providing unlimitted share hosting but they warn buyer after slling package that that reduce your data on website other wise your site will be close….like ipage is doing so (not confirmed)
    plz guide and assist me


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