5 Creepy Websites that know Everything About You 2018

you will be shocked to know that there are creepy websites that know everything about you. According to Human nature, we are afraid of everything which knows even a little thing about us. Now come to the browsing search history and other relevant things, these are the top secrets of them. This is the crucial thing that people become afraid if they even hear about foul news about any leakage of the browsing history. You will be surprised to know that many creepy websites know a lot about you, your browsing or the internet history and even about your relatives names and many little things. If someone has your email or username he can know a lot about you.
5 Creepy Websites that know Everything About You 2018

These are the following creepy website that knows everything about you:-

5 Creepy websites that know everything about you 


The site is based on the genealogy that let everyone to know about your personal information. A site which researches your family connection and then they come to know that these things have the great impact on others. This site attracts the people more rapidly as compared to other sites.It knows everything about you and then gives permission to everyone that he can know about.

It contains the collection of the present and old home addresses, every phone number, the birth, and death record, titles and all information of the related persons and even about your every relation. This information can be gained by any public source or the legal or illegal sources. This can also be gained by that website which searches for people. You may know about the related sites like Intelius and Spokeo.

The main distinguishing point between these websites that when you want to register, some of the websites require the fee or not. Those sites that require the fee are mostly ignored by the people because people only prefer free things. The only scariest thing about it is that it can give your personal information about anyone easily.


I have also experienced this site, as when I tried to know about myself there.I was literally shocked, each and everything about myself was perfectly right. Even my all relations information or contact number everything was right. I think anyone can easily terrify or threat you.

Advantages of the site:-

Now come to the advantages of the site, it is a treasure and great platform for that who love to know about their family relations and anything about their family past. It can be funny as hell. You can get the idea that, this can be how much dangerous for those people who have any secrete occupation or the people who face the domestic violence or any targeted person. As this can give any information about you to them. You can be threatened and targeted easily.

Disadvantages of the site:-

This can be a platform for those sick minded people who want to harass others or want to create problems in the life of other persons. They can even physically torture people by this.

Steps to OPT OUT:-

But no need of worry, you can easily erase your all related information in a couple of minutes. By following these given steps I managed to erase my all information and to get rid of this list.

These are the following simple steps to do this:-

1- You have to click the “Begin” option first. Then you will be driven to the page where you can search.Now search for yourself.

2- After doing this when you see yourself click on that option. But stop first of all clarify that it’s you or anyone else then click it.

3- When you have clarified that it’s you. Now click on the option of Opt-Out.

4- Now calm yourself you have cleared yourself from this list. Wait for 48 hours, at this time your whole the process is completed.

But one thing to be noted is that, if there are many sections of your information you have to remove every section separately and have to start the page again.

As you can see on the one side technology have made everything easy and fast. And on the other side, it has lost the privacy and this is the biggest issue.


This website shows that it can know everything about the search history of the user easily. This can do this without any legal permission. It can detect that what type of the data is being used by the person but one thing it can save your information from any leakage in the coming days.

At the same time, there is also a click option and can tell who is collecting data from the scene.

The information gathered remained confined in the related area. It can imagine your educational and gender easily.



We are well known by the fact that the internet can watch us, what are we doing can be seen easily without any interruption. When daily open a number of sites and in this way we give them a lot of information about ourselves. A big collection of all the data including the images, videos, and much more content can b listed of a user.

This is the creepy and funny site which explains the all things in a comic way how the internet watches us. In which way it collects information about us.It is basically based on the game strategy.

Instructions to use the site:-

You have to do the following tasks on it:-

  • When you open the site, you see a circular green button at the mid of the homepage.
  • Then you have to move your pointer of the mouse around the button or on the screen or have to change the windows or set the computer at rest.
  • When you do this, your whole the information plays in the documented order.
  • When the site shows your information the sound is played which depicts that “Yes, there we go, very happy,”.
  • Now the site can show you all the browser history.
  • But when you move your mouse to leave the sound plays as “Don’t leave, don’t leave!”
  • It can note the point where you leave the site.

In simple words, you can get the collection of all the cookies and data used for anything here easily.

Predictive World

When we use any web we give them a lot of personal information about us. Even that information which we do not want to share this information with anyone else. But you are doing mistakes here because oversharing is the worst thing ever.

As we all know that technology has made everything much easier and free. We know that advancing in technology is harming us very badly. You will be surprised to know that it can gather all information about you and then sum it to know who are? But the most is that it can tell you about your future.

It seems like you are living in a place where everything is being recorded. And the thing which is doing such creepy things is Predictive World.

How to use it?

  • You can easily use it:-
  • Sign in to your Facebook account.
  • Then it will get all the related information with the help of your profile.
  • You can use many other paths for it where you just have to give the information about your correct age and gender.

After everything is checked, you can see many things and assumptions here. This includes your expectations about your life, the expectation of your death in the near future, and your information can be correct or not.

This website, in reality, is a combo of University of Cambridge and Watch Dog 2.

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You are well known by the fact that you can find any information easily about anyone by Google, but you will be surprised to know that there is a website which gives you that information that even Google does not know.

Google is just a starting point in this regard, the real thing is the website truthfinder, the site which knows everything about you.You can say that it’s scary and creepy site ever. This site at this time is giving information about the millions of the citizens of America.

This site has a huge collection of personal record of people.You can even find the sensitive data by it like about the arrested people and many more. This site can show the deep records of the people and can shock you.

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