20 Sarcastic Memes of All Times – Insulting but Funny

Sarcasm has been a significant ground for expressing opinions and thoughts on the internet. It has become common in casual conversations through comments, emojis, hashtags, gifs, and memes. Sarcastic memes are mostly used by friends to tease each other. One can define sarcasm as a subtle art of criticizing someone without offending them. People would take relatable topics and poke fun at anything. If you have spent some time on the internet, you have definitely seen them. Here are the few memes that in my opinion give the overview of the whole era of sarcastic memes. These memes point out and satirize some of the social realities of today’s time. Sarcasm gives a space to say what people actually want to say without making it look too serious. Since it is an art, it depends how skillful you are to handle it. It can be polite without even making someone realize if it was sarcastic or just a compliment.

20 Sarcastic Memes of All Times - Insulting but Funny

List of 20 Sarcastic Memes of All Times 

  1. Was that Sarcasm
    When friends share a joke or target a point on any of you these kinds of memes can help you to counter that, His reaction is hilarious. 
  2. Some people take a step further and go through the trouble of searching about the topic they are talking about and then provide a list of bibliography with page numbers only to win an argument.


  3. Cheers to all who turn social media into a debate battlefield.


  4. Brings painful memories. Sarcasm does hurt sometimes.


  5. How can one forget about the sarcasm we see every day directed at bosses.


  6. When you meet people, who buy food only to take its picture to post on Instagram. That’s shallow.


  7. There is also a wide population of people who judge others for their grammar mistakes no matter how small.


  8. There is a group of people on the internet that always use fancy words.


  9. This list will be incomplete if there is not a Monday meme included in this.


  10. This one is brutal and speaks for itself. Savage 

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  11. When you text someone to ask for something but they call you and then you have to be nice to them for an hour or so.


  12. When you are secretly annoyed with someone but you have to pretend to be calm. Imaginary punches.


  13. If Steve Harvey had announced PSL 2018 winner. As the Islamabad United was the winner but Steve Harway always wrong 😀


  14. That awkward moment when you are shocked to see someone’s comment but can’t afford to offend them.


  15. Imagine a world with only smart people being famous.


  16. Pretending to be casually passing by.


  17. You must have encountered a lot of people on the internet who finds out a common knowledge and then tells them to everyone as if it was a recent discovery.


  18. Almost all of us have come across this meme. Most Interesting Man Alive contradicting himself?Sarcasm at one hand brings some sweetness to bitter opinions and on the other, it also serves the purpose of generating new ideas and reflects on new perspectives and observations. These memes sarcastically comment on the different types of people.


  19. Anything Kanye West says turns into a meme. Mostly it is his expressions.When people laugh at their own jokes.


  20. Grumpy cat has been the star of the internet for a long time. This sarcastic look with grumpy mood created a lot of memes. Her grumpy expression resonated with different people for different reasons and made her one of the very popular internet celebrities in the history of the memes. Here is a meme dedicated to her sarcastic look.

I hope you will like the list of all sarcastic memes as these are one of my favorite meme lists, you can also share your fav meme with me as well.

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